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I now own a 2000 R1100RT SE. I’m looking to buy a newer RT this year, 2001 – 2004 RT ABS. What changes were made between 2001 and 2004, and were they for better or worse? Thanks for the help.

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I dunno everything, but here's what I do know.


1150's have fog lights, six speed tranny,17 in. rear wheel.


'04 had dual plug heads. AKA "two spark".


I'm sure if there are other differences that I've missed, someone(everyone grin.gif) will chime in.


Oh yeah, before I forget, mine's for sale.


PM if your interested.



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Also the 1150 substitutes annoying/higher-maintenance linked EVO brakes for the (relatively) simple and reliable system that was on the 1100, and replaces what was a very reliable cable-actuated clutch for a sometimes trouble-prone hydraulic system, along with a few other similar 'advantages.'


But 1100/1150 issues aside, what are you looking for exactly? I'm not sure you could ever really come out on top financially by exchanging your bike for one that is only a few years newer, or is there some other factor involved?

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Les is more

In addition to the differences noted--


R1100RT has


90 horse power

3 spoke wheels

5 gears


R1150RT has


95 HP

5 spoke wheels

6 gears

fully integrated ABS


2004 R1150RT has

twin spark

gel battery

no radio pkg.

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Man I had to chime in... I had the same bike you have now, 2000 R1100RT-SE, sold it, went 1.5 yrs without bncry.gif now have a 2002 R1150RT. grin.gif


Soooooo, to answer your question from my vantage point: If you like your '00, stick with what you have. Don't get me wrong, the '02 has some nice features that my '00 didn't. Nit-picky stuff like better switch hardware, better headlight config, (I think) better brakes (albeit more complicated to work on, but whatever), and a 6th gear...and as Leslie stated, 5 more HP.


I will tell you this: After riding my '02 for about 6 months, I love it...BUT, if I could go back and just keep my '00, I probably would have. NOT because I dislike the 1150 (I LOVE IT!), but there's just not enough differences between the two to justify getting rid of a 1100 that you like (assuming you like it) to jump up to an 1150. If there's another reason behind it (super high mileage, ghost in the machine, whatever) that might be another story. Just my $0.02.

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Thanks for the replies. My bike is in very good condition, and I like it.It’s keep in a heated and air-conditioned garage. Got it new and have taken very good care of it. It has low miles around 35,000, because I also have an airhead. I’ve added some extras, like a Sergeants seat, Piaa lights, Olins and more, if it makes the RT a better towering bike it’s most likely on there. Also two new sets tires in the garage.

I’ve been thinking about a newer RT this year. Reasons are six speed, dual plug heads, hydraulic clutch, wide rear tire, the switches, and the extra five horses would be nice. I should have more time for touring this year, then I've had in the past.

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If you are not ready to move up to a 2007 R1200RT, keep what you got! thumbsup.gif



I have an '02 and like it very much. The RT1200 is a better bike......But not that much better. The '07 is better than the earlier ones, and is the only thing I would replace my '02 with......If I lost it somehow. But as long as it treats me right, I am going to try to put a million miles on it.

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Thanks again for the help. I'm going to keep her. Dosen't seem like I have much gain. Besides buying a used bike, there is aways a chance your buying proublems. That's what happened to me with the bike I bought before this RT. That is why I bought this one new. The resale price on BMW drops very very fast. That's why I was thinking about a used one. Thanks again.

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H C Edwards

Good choice, Larry. I had an 02 1150RT, traded it on a 1200GS. Then had major engine problems with the GS, and missed the RT, so I bought a 97 1100RT (kept the GS). I wouldn't advise anybody to get rid of an 1100 just to get an 1150. I actually prefer the 1100. Don't miss that whining servo brake assist a bit. The headlight was better on the 1150, and I preferred the looks of the 1150 front fender, as well as the looks of the front light assembly. But overall, I like the 1100 more. Don't miss the 6 speed at all. I can't tell any difference between 90 HP and 95 HP.

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'04 models have provision for jump starting

Rick G

I recall reading that some RTs (built earlier in the year) do not have the lugs, whereas others (built later in the year) do... Just look on the left cylinder head for one of these:




The negative lug is under the seat (near the battery).

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Re: the jump start lugs- I think you have this backwards- the positive lug is off the battery; the negative is off the cylinder head (negative ground and all...).



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