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Got a phone call tonight from a guy here that went down to Florida and bought a 2003 LT.He's 58. In his younger days he raced bikes in Argentina and other parts of South America.Trouble is he never rode for 30 years!!

He's suprised at the weight and size. Guess he didn't know LT stands for "Light Truck".

Besides telling him get a smaller bike,what should I say?

Any suggestions???

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He should take a riding course right away. Get the riding skills sharpened up, even if on a smaller bike. Call it a reentry course. And then just get out in the parking lot and spend some serious time practicing braking and maneuvers. A few hours there will go a long way toward feeling more at home on the big bike. Heck, get out there with him. More practice is always good thumbsup.gif


All that assumes he's made it back..... If he's stuck in Florida wondering how to get the thing back to Canada, I'm not sure what I'd say. They have parking lots in Florida? Maybe someone here will volunteer to ride it for him? smile.gif

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If he can wait until June 10 I'm happy to ride it back for him... grin.gifgrin.gif


On a more serious note, the advice to start slowly, take an MSF class, and practice in the parkinglot is the best! thumbsup.gif


Steve in So Cal

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