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Which KBC Helmet to Buy?


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I get a free KBC helmet, anything I want. I know absolutely nothing about them (currently wearing Arai). Any suggestions?

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Just had a rep visit last Friday from a distributor that carries KBC. The 2007 helmet line is much improved (although not available until early April). We aren't really looking to add any full-face helmets, but we are looking to replace the aging HJC Symax flip-front helmets we sell and we really liked the new KBC FFR flip helmet. Great features, fair price, nice quality. We ordered a couple thousand dollar's worth.


Dunno if you're in the market for a flip, but that's all we tried on so that's all I can recommend. Tends to fit a bit like a Shoei/Scorpion. Helmets run big by at least a half size.

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