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problem shifting when cold


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I understand that on a cold bike shifting gears is somewhat stiff until the transmission fluid warms but lately it seems that mine is getting stiffer..Last night temps were down in the high 20's and this morning when I pulled out of the garage it took considerable effort to shift into first and second gear..After riding a few miles it shifts notmally but I'm just wondering if what I am experiencing is normal?

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Based on my experience with about 7 BMW transmissions so far, I would say that is abnormal but probably not serious. All of my bikes have had the absolutely smoothest 1-2 shift as the first one of the day and things went downhill from there.


Since you mention that it is also difficult to get it into first, I would think this to be a clutch drag issue and quite possibly related to input shaft splines being dirty or under lubed. Think clutch dust migrating into the spline lube which will thicken in cold weather and hinder clutch release. Not good news, I know, but there it is.

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