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Another oil question


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OK, I tried a search with little results. I'm new here (and new to BMW). What is the consensus on engine oil types? I have yet to pick up my new bike so I haven't looked at a manual yet although I did buy a service manual CD that only referred to BMW oil(is it dino, semi or full syn?). In my KTM's we run full synthetic from new. When I ran Japanese dirt bikes it was dino oil for break in and full or semi syn after. Any advice would be appreciated.

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you will find a mass of oil related threads, Generally I guess the consensus is to run Dino until 10 or 20k and then synthetic htereafter. It stops eating oil at that point.


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The Dealer told me that I could go Synthetic after 6000 Miles but I will probably wait till my 12000 Mile service.

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I changed one oilhead to Mobil 1 at 5k and the other one at 965 miles. No problems with either bike.



Sorry, I forgot I was reading the Hexheads!

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