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Route Printing Mapsource


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Can some one provide me basic instructions, if it is at all possible, on loading a route created in Garmin's Mapsource software into the Microsoft Streets & Trips. I would like to print out the route on a single piece of paper. The Mapsource program will do that but it's really a very bad image of the route. Microsoft's software gives a much better image. I have both programs.





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I have been frustrated with a similar question for a couple of years now.


I really like Streets and Trips a lot better for most of my long distance travel planning, for lots of reasons, not the least of which is it is so much more intuitive.

However the BIG PLUS is being able to define your day length in hours or miles. Makes accommadation planning so much easier.


BUT I have not found a way to transfer the Streets and Trips routes to the Garmin 376c. Not yet anyway...





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GPSUtility is what you need. It is freeware, which allows you to use 100 waypoints) and if you register (was $40, but is now $55), it is good for 65000 waypoints and entitles you to free updates forever. Registering and paying helps them keep food on their tables.


S&T to Mapsource:

create the waypoints in S&T and save it to a normal S&T file (xxxx.est)

Start GPS Utility and open the .est file.

Save the file as Mapsource (.GPX). I think you have to set some preference somewhere also. I have a note at home since I keep forgetting it.

Open the file in Mapsource.

Mapsource to S&T is the inverse.

The newest version allows batch file execution, which I guess will simplify the process even more...don't know, since I haven't upgraded yet.

If you get the program and have a question, lemme know. I will look at my note and forward the info.

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Thanks. I have the utilities but have yet to figure out how they work. It seems intutive at first but the last file I tried did not seem to produce a result. Your instructions should be a help and I will give that a run.



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Well I went to the site, read the whole thing and downloaded the 'standard' freeware version. Tried to convert a route (should've picked an old one...) that I worked on for hours last nite to a version that would work in Streets and Trips...no luck.


What I did succeed in doing was corrupting the file in some manner that Map Source will not open it any more. Claims it is a file that us not recognized by Map Source even though it still has the .gdb extention.


Called Garmin and they said sorry 'you did it to yourself using that freeware'...


Gulp, hours of work followed by hours of frustration. I need a dog to kick. Or maybe just myself... tongue.gif



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Well, I went home and got the info...

1. start GPSU

2. Click on File/Open, tell it to look for Streets and Trips files (.est) and click on the .est file of your choice

3. A dialog box will open asking you 'import what'... click on pushpins to get all your waypoints

4. Once the file is opened in GPSU, click on File then "Save/Print Options"

5. A dialog box will open - set the "format" drop down list to "GPX Interchange File"

6. Click on "Export as" and name the file

7. Close GPSU and open the file in Mapsource


Hope it works for you...

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Michael, thank you for the directions on how to use the GPSU to go from Streets and Trips to Map Source...

Could you describe how to go the other way for us 'puter challenged folks ??



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