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A quick Sunday tour


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johnlt had an idea to put together a quick day trip from Tucson down through some parts of southern Arizona and across Ft. Huachuca to Bisbee and back...sounded OK by me, I hadn't been there in many years.


Its started out dark ... I was going to meet John for breakfast in Tucson at 8:30 so any early lift off from Phoenix was required



A nice calm surise in the west (unlike the wind later in the day)



A very nice moon set on the other side of the road



Leaving Phx the temp was a balmy 46 and rocketed up to 51 on the way down the freeway. Not bad, but 5 miles outside of Marana it suddenly went to 35. Great, I have my gerbings on and plugged in just for this eventuality, great idea, bad execution....for some reason they're not working. eek.gif


Then the wind really kicked up with gusts of about 40 mph. This is going to be an interesting day. Fortunately the temp went back up closer to Tucson, and the wind gusts lessened a bit. Pulled into the designated breakfast location, johnlt pulled in almost at the same time...little did I know the FlyingFinn is there also on his newly re-suspensioned bike. After a hearty breakfast, we set out for Sonoita and Ft. Huachuca. Wind pretty heavy but around Sonoita it slacks off.


On the way out of Sonoita to the west gate of Ft. Huachuca we stopped for a photo op to certify that there were actually motorcycles involved and yes I can never remember to turn the darn key off. The FlyingFinn had departed just before the photo for some exploring on his own in the back country to excercise his new machine.



Looking toward Ft. Huachuca



johnlt had made a pre-run yesterday to the west gate to check requirements for access to the base via motorcycles. This turned up the need for reflective vests which he quickly purchased for the extravegant sum of 5.95 each. But, the stalwart gardians of the gate today demanded the we also have a "motorcycle safety card" confused.gif


Hmmm, they were not moved that the previous guards only yesterday had not mentioned such a card. Since we didn't have the required document we back tracked a bit and headed for Bisbee.


One of the streets in the "old" district set up for tourists



The famous Copper Queen Hotel - not the red brick building, but the white one in the background




From Bisbee its a short hop to Tombstone, which from this shot seems deserted, but was actually quite full of tourists







The way back was uneventful except for killer wind gusts outside of Casa Grande. The day was about 500 miles roundtrip.

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