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1150RT/NAV 3 Install


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I just installed a Nav 3 on my 04 1150RT. I got all the parts, but there were no instructions to show where the power cable plugs into the bike harness ??


Does anyone know the answer before I take all the tupperware off looking for it?


TIA!! wave.gif

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Ride Like the Wind

If the Nav 3 is like the Nav 2, the wiring plugs into the accessory socket wire terminals. Unplug one of them, plug in the Nav 3 connector and plug the accessory connector back into the Nav 3 connector.

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Yup! I stopped by the shop today and a service guy was there (Even tho' service is closed on Mondays) and said it is easy as that.


BMW couldn't put a one line sentence in the instruction manual for that??


Go figure.


Thanks for the info!



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