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Question on Older Helmet VAlue?


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May I ask the opinion of the older beemerphiles as to the value of an older helmet? It dates to the late eighties / early nineties and is the second in the series of BMW System helmets (no top waffle pattern). It has spent most of its life in a helmet bag and is near new condition with just a very few marks in the gel-coat. The original side reflectors are excellent as is the original DOT sticker on the rear. The front and rear chin and neck "aprons" are in place. The flip up shield is clear and "ding-free".


confused.gif Is this too old for actual safe use? Is there any collector value? If so, what is a fair price? TIA thumbsup.gif

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Wow, I would think the styrofoam like liner would harden and deteriorate after that many years and not take impacts the way it should. Hopefully some more knowledgeable folks will pipe in but I have read that the impact foam degrades with time and environmental exposure! confused.gif

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The rule of thumb is that helmets are good for five years.


Technology change and degradation (even if not used) are factors....



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Thanks for the input ... that was my conclusion as well ... possible collector value for the BMW System Helmet ... as both my wife and I are quite happy with the Shuberth helmets for riding safety.

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