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How reliable are BMW Alarm/Immobilisers

John Bentall

Are you happy with your BMW Alarm/Immobiliser  

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The immobilizer is part of the ignition / CanBus system and comes with the bike. It works well until the ring antennae fails and your bike won't start/


The alarm is an option. It make a pathetic amount of noise and triggers only with gross movements of the bike. I've got one and turn it on in parking lots only because I have it. Small comfort I guess. Disc-lock gives me a better feeling of security the bike won't be moved.

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I've stated this before, but mine isprogrammed to come on when the key is removed and 'unsets' itself with the key in ignition. It's ideal and a total ease of use. Only issue i've ever had with it was that the vibrations from ferry crossings set it off, which is a small point, but annoying when you're already munching on a mars bar in the cafeteria when the vibes kick in!


Mine has the alarm because it was on the only bike they had available to buy when I went shopping. I carry a big chain in the tailpack that ensures my bike is chained to something solid and the factory immobiliser is all I really wanted. I'm 60/40 in favour on whether I'd pay for the pleasure.

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Mine isn't nearly sensitive enough to be of much use, IMO.


For example, I can park my bike, set on sidestand and turn ignition off. While still seated, I can set the alarm, get off the bike, put it on the center stand, get back on the bike and rock it off the center stand -- ALL WITHOUT TRIGGERING THE MOTION ALARM.


I CAN set off the motion alarm if I rock the heck out of the bike from side-to-side, but it has to be done very vigorously. frown.gif

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