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brake rotor replacement question


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I've noticed a "pulsing" feel under moderate breaking at speeds over 40 - 45 mph. This has been happening since I bought the bike (used) last summer and I can't tell if it's gotten worse or is still the same. I had it serviced shortly after I bought it and the dealer didn't find any problems.


I took it to another dealer for the 30,000 mile service and they reported that the runout is 0.005" - BMW spec. is 0.13 mm (0.00512"). The recommended "renewing" the front rotors and flushing the brake system.


my question: is this a safety issue or merely an annoyance that I don't need to worry about? If the rotors need to be replaced are there better and/or cheaper aftermarket ones available or should I just stick with BMW OEM?







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A warped rotor would fail the UK annual inspection as a safety issue. This can lead to uneven braking, increasing the chance of lockup (though the ABS should deal with that) and can interfere with steering. It will also incerase the loading on the steering pivots. As your bike is less than 3 years old and has done less than 36,000 miles this should be a warranty issue. Warped rotors is not nomal wear and is often associated with sticky brakes - they overeat the rotors. I have heard of a few R1200xx bikes needing new rotors early on. BMW should pay the bill.



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I agree 100% with Andy.


Got them replaced . . . under warranty!


Mine went bad and were replaced free of charge under warranty. thumbsup.gif

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I have my R12RT in for yearly, 6k, safety inspection, relocate the temp. sensor, brake recall, and I complained that the rotors feel warped.


If I brake moderate to hard above 45mph I feel pulses and slight shake. Above 100mph it is very concerning when you brake. The dealer said they would check it. I'm waiting to see what they find/say.

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Dealer has called to tell me they have finished the 6k/yearly/state inspection for my R12RT.


They replaced the rotors to fix the braking problem. They also moved my temperature sensor and updated the software to 8.0.


I've been in withdraw so I hope I can get an hour or two to go pick it up.

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updated the software to 8.0.

Oooo... 8.0, you're the first I've heard of 8.0. Did they give you any indication of what's different in it from 7.2?
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They told me the latest was 8.01 but he wasn't sure if I got 8.0 or 8.01 when we spoke on the phone. It'll be interesting to see how she runs. I didn't have any problems before, that is besides the temperature issue and brake shimmy.

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