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Touratech or Wunderlich Engine Guards?


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Which do you feel is best and why - Touratech or Wunderlich Engine Guards? Do both allow for setting valves without the removal of the engine bars?

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I can only comment on the Wunderlich bars, as that's what I have and are the only ones I've seen personally.


First, I really prefer the looks of the Wunderlich bars over the pictures I've seen of the Touratech bars. That's a subjective thing though. I do like that with the Wunderlich bars, I'm able to use my Elf pegs highway pegs. All the pictures that I've seen of the Touratech bars would indicate that Elf pegs on the left head would not work with those bars installed.


Downsides ... there is only one source for Wunderlich product in NA, BMW of Santa Cruz. I've heard some people have received orders where the finish was scratched or otherwise blemished ... not in the condition one would expect for the price we pay for these things. From what I've heard, this is mainly with the silver finish sets ... I had no problems with my chrome set. BMW of Santa Cruz sometimes sells discounted sets due to these blemishes, so one would expect that what they receive when the pay the no blemish price should be a top quality product.


Secondly, some people have had problems installing the Wunderlich bars ... haven't heard anyone complain about installation of the Touratech bars. I had problems getting the lower support installed on my bike. Some have reported more problems with installation, others have reported no problems at all. Just something to think about.


If you're interested in seeing a set of the Wunderlich bars ... just let me know and I'll shoot you pics of mine, or I'll make a trip down to Crawford so you can eyeball them personally.

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I just installed the Wunderlich's on my 07 R12RT. Issues: 1)Had to dremel out the holes in the mounting tabs for the bottom rail in order to mount it to the oil pan. Poor qualilty control. 2)Had to go buy all new hex-head screws for the job--the included screws were poor quality, very small hex hole for such a large screw, that they all stripped out the hex socket when tightened the least bit. 3) Instructions very difficult to decipher due to the poor quality pics on them. I actually had to scour the web to find some owner pics of close-ups with these bars installed. For $330 you expect more. I also don't think the gauge of metal used to make these is as thick as it should be and expect that the bars will be bent or crushed the first time it tips (sure hope it doesn't!) Upsides: suposedly valve work can be performed without removing them and they don't compromise lean angle, something important to me.

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i bought the Touratech yeah you wont be able to use the elf pegs and lean angle is reduces a little but not biggie for me. as for the valve adjustments dont know yet but heard you can loosen them up enough to have the adjustment done without removing.

installation wasnt bad and everything lined up right well a little bit of flexing was involved. Directions were right on. I did have a couple of questions which were quickly answered by Touratech over the phone so have to say customer service was great!

the bars are pretty solid so im not really worried if it tips as I know they will withstand the drop.

personally i like the way the touratech bars look in comparison for some reason they look like there would provide more protection but that is just my opinion not really sure if either provides better protection than the other. Hope that helps. thumbsup.gif

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Finally found this post again. What can I say, I'm search challenged. dopeslap.gif We need to make a date for a test sit. I'm ready to start outfitting this thing!

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