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A ride to the Cheyenne Mountain Complex


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The ride started with just a ride to get as close to Cheyenne Mountain which is near Pike's Peak down by the city of Colorado Springs. I stumbled upon NORAD Road which led me up a nice twisting road to the actual entrance of the Cheyenne Mountain Complex! Yep, the actual location of that Sci-Fi show: Stargate SG-1. No pics allowed once you're near the entrance, sorry. Here's a pic though of Cheyenne Mountain itself.


I got as close as the parking lot next to the entrance into the "mountain". It's the snow covered flat area to the right and above the small dozer. 409263765_f23819a6a1.jpg


More in the blog

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If you had gone inside there is nothing to see; unless, you could have gotten through some of the inner doors.

I was inside in 1975. As I walked down the halls there was doors with no windows in the doors. All doors required some kind of pass.

I went into the room where our equipment was located and it looked just like the equipment in the ABM Site where I worked in North Dakota.

I did go to the Mess Hall for dinner. Just another cafeteria. They did have pretty good food.

Even with a Secret Clearance I had to send information in advance and then was escorted by a fellow employee that worked there.

I synced there atomic clock to the one I was taking back to ND had dinner and left.

I guess it's nice to be able to say I was there but not much to see.

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