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Aux Lightging mount on 2006 RTP


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Where are the radar mounts? I have aux lights attached to where the bars were mounted on the sides of my 2003 RT-P. Bars are no longer on, so it was a slick place to attach the lights.

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Look under the turn signals. On the drivers left is a radar head already mounted. On the drivers right is an empty mount.



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Should work fine. Hmmm... any problems with heat under the plastic mirror? I'm not familar with the Hella DE lights and the housing they have.


People have discussed mounting aux lights real high, like above the mirrors, where the flashers are, and there was some concern about legality.


Mine are mounted (approximately since it's a 2003) where the bars attach just above the engine. About where the siren(s) are. Provides a nice mounting point.

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The TouraTech lights for the RT appear to be mounted near the same location, even closer to the fairing. They do appear to have a shroud and look a bit like the Hella DEs (anyone know for sure?).


As far as a retrofit goes, I'm not sure what the mount looks like under the fairing yet, I may get a look on Tuesday afternoon.

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Hmmm ... I wonder if those radar mounts couldn't be retrofitted onto a regular 2006RT.


My thot exactly! That location would put the lights slightly below the headlamps - legal everywhere I'll be riding! thumbsup.gif

Regarding HID's, yes the Touratech are identical to the Hella Micro DE's. The Touratech are less $$$ than buying Hella's, but ya only get ONE! There are much less expensive options than HID's and PIAA's - just make sure to get something which uses a standard bulb (such as a H3 or H7).

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