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Buying Autocom from Canada


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Before I pull the trigger on this, can anybody think of a reason not to buy an Autocom Active-PLUS Duo Kit from a Canadian dealer? This was briefly discussed on another thread, but I'd like to hear others experience/opinions, if there has been any.


Autocom in the US (www.autocomamerica.com) has them for $389.99 plus ? for shipping and Kahuna Cycle has them on ebay for $313.99 (USD) plus $24 USD shipping. Autocomamerica.com has a 2 year warranty, Kahuna says 1 year. Local dealer is at least $389 + sales tax. I would install it myself.



Any reason not to "save" the money? And if you proceed to buy out Kahuna's stock before I get one, I will be pi##ed.

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Not a problem.


As it turns out, yesterday I got one - the Active Plus from Kahuna. As advertised and NIB.

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I got mine from them. Everything came as expected. I paid the additional $$ for rush delivery and it came pretty quickly.

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I also got mine from them. Sent them an email and ordered some additional parts, which they stuck into the box with no additional shipping cost.

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New In Box?


NEW, (still) IN (the) BOX.


NIB is an acronym commonly used to refer to a product or item which is factory fresh, new, still in the box it was delivered in. These days there are many products out in the market that are used but "refurbished" or "reconditioned." NIB indicates that the product has never been used and that you can purchase with confidence.

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