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RT 1200 winter storage with BMW carger


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hello everyone I have a 2006 rt 122.I have it hooked up to the BMW charger .The lights never show green green , It will start right up though .Why does it have the 0 to onthird light on and a green charging light .This bugs the crap out of me .I know that it is probably a hard question to answer online but I thought ID try to get some feedback on this question .

Thank you


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Tincanman, did you hook the battery charger up in the right sequence? On my 2005RT, I plug the battery charger into my bikes outlet then turn the key on to let the computer do its check. Then I plug the charger into the wall receptacle and turn the key to the off position. The charger will take over from there. The green full charged light will appear after a hour or so depending on how weak your battery you had.

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And on my early '06 RT, it's not necessary to do the ignition switch dance. Just plug the (BMW) charger into one of the bike's accessory sockets, then into the A/C, and I see Green/Green within an hour. Go figure!

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Hi, Tincanman.


I have an 05, but equipped with software update No7. I didn't have a charger before the update, but I simply plug in without any of the ignition juggling and it works correctly every time... Is this just a fluke or does the No7 sort the issue?

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Hello guys ,

I just tried another BMW charger This one was an older model .It still didnt register that it was on green light for winter storage .The bike does start right up though. I guess its a software problem .


Damn soft ware ,there is something to be said for simpicity too. I kinda miss it .

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