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Adding Maps to Nav III


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I have a Nav III. It comes preinstalled with maps of all of North America. Since I'll be driving around in the UK in April, I'm curious about what it takes to intall European maps on this unit.

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I just got the Nav III myself and I'll heading up to Canada in July. I think Canada (Or some of it) is included, but I'd be curious to find out how that works out for you.


The only problem I could see is you may need to get a right hand side adapter...



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To my knowledge, the software is for North America, so Canada, US and Mexico should be covered. I have a Garmin Nuvi with NA software with that coverage. Ordered a SD card from Garmin for an upcoming European trip.

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I thought this would be a good idea and tried to register and download the maps. Never got an email with my password so I thought maybe the registration failed. Tried again with the same email address and got a message the email was already registered. Tried the "forgot password" (or whatever it's called link) and still no email.


If I don't foget (too late tonight) I'll try again as it looks like a great solution if you don't need the whole Garmin setup ($300 for Europe maps? I think my wife would shoot me if she found out I paid $300 for software I might use 2 - 3 weeks a year).

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