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Question on Corbin Heated Seat

Mike T

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I just purchased an used driver and passenger Corbin Seats for my '06 R12RT. My RT came with the factory heated seats. The Corbin seats are designed to hook into the battery and they each have an on/off switch. The factory seats have 2 heat settings with the drivers seat being controlled by the switch near the throttle and the passengers seat being controlled by a separate switch under the seat.


Question: Can I hook the Corbin drivers seat into the factory power cord so that it is controlled by the heat switch near the throttle? This would give me two heat settings. Both the BMW and the Corbin have 2 wires although the connectors are different and would have to be changed. The passenger seat will have to go direct to the batter as the BMW connector has 4 wires and the Corbin only has 2 wires.

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It's doubtful that CanBuss will accept that Corbin heater. You could try it but most likely it will simply shut down and give you an electrical fault warning. You could, however, use the handlebar switch to run a relay. Of course you'd have to do hi/lo with the rocker switch.

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As an owner of many Corbin Seats and the same question came up with my 05 RT.


No chance of making your project work.


Connect em to the battery and don't worry about it.

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Thanks guys for saving me the time and frustration of trying to hook the seats into the BMW system. Direct to the battery it is for the Corbin Seats.

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I recently bought a heated Corbin for my RT. Yesterday was the first time to take it on an extended ride. After 620 miles in 10 hours, my ass has made a new friend. An added bonus with the seat heater is the versatility it provides....that thing gets hot enough to bake a ham. clap.gif

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Thanks Heywood that's a nice ride and an nice average speed. Since I have the heated drivers and passengers seats sounds like I can start to cook dinner on the passengers seat on long trips. grin.gif

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My corbin on my GS is hooked directly to the battery and DOES NOT turn off automatically when u remove the key. Killed the batery twice because I forgot to turn it off. On My Honda ST 1300, it turns off with the key. Not sure what the RT will do

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As mentioned, hook it directly. Well sort of. A relay, triggered by a switched source (I used the rear accessory socket) in line with the power will keep you from running down the battery when you forget to turn the seat's switch off.

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OK, here's my take on this Corbin heated seat deal.


I too have an 06 RT with factory installed heat switches.

I too originally wired it to the battery as Corbin recommends.

I too forgot to turn the damn side switch off (more than once) and totally flattened my battery.




I read somewhere on the forum that someone had tapped into the CANBUS and it worked just fine,

so, I did it too and I can testify that it works like a charm. thumbsup.gif


All I did was splice directly into the existing wires.

The original factory wires are very small gauge compared to the Corbin wiring, but it works great.


There are only two things out of the ordinary that I've noticed.

One is that it seems to take a little longer to heat up, but there is definitly a high and a low.

Second is the RED light in the side rocker switch, blinks on and off when the heat is on.

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