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Side case protectors


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Jerry Johnston

Looks to me like they're made to protect them more from scratches when setting them down on the floor.

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I've got them on my RT. I don't think they'd do anything for you in a tip-over (though I havn't tried that yet smile.gif). I haven't noticed any dirt accumulation. I've had them for a year, and about 21,000 kms.

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They'll do an excellent job at protecting the painted surface on a normal drop. I've had no dirt accumulate in 63,000 miles.

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My .02 worth. I don't think they would protect well in a tip over. I managed to tip my bike onto both sides during the first several months of ownership. (Don't ask - too embarassed to tell) dopeslap.gif

They both got scratched in the same area which was much higher up than where the protectors are located.

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Eckhard Grohe

My bike has tipped over 4 times and I think them have protected the cases. I broke the tabs on the foot rest plate that hold the bag on and the bag survived. Yes it is marked but not broken. YMMV

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See attached for a walking tipover.


No visible marks. Mirror did come off. Small, virtually invisible scratch on black leading edge. BMW Head Protectors also worked in this event. No apparent dirt accumulation under protectors. grin.gif


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