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Does anybody have a BMW 3-Phasen jacket?


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If so please comment on how you like it. Likes, dislikes.


When was this jacket in production?


What was the cost when new?


Thanks Again!



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John Bentall

It left the European catalog in March 2005. This suit was almost the same price as the Light 'n Easy suit.

Never owned one though.

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Yes, I've owned this jacket for 3 years now.


- It comes with a liner and an external rain jacket. The rain jacket could be stored in the rear pocket but I don't. The rear pocket is LARGE.

- Without the liner (and/or treatement) it is NOT waterproof. I haven't bothered to treat it since I use the rain jacket.

- The external rain jacket has never leaked and as an added benefit, I use it with my BMW Airflow 2 jacket

- Be careful the FIRST time you get it wet. The black accents bleed and if you're wearing something besides a black shirt, it will be black following (AMHIK). Since washing it the first time, haven't had a problem since

- Temperature range use:

- I like the flexibility of the zip out winter liner, (albeit I like my Gerbings heated better). For most temps to 40deg F. it works well

- It has sleeve vents (zippered) that provide some flow of air, but it would be a bit more practical if it had a zippered opening in the back (I'm actually entertaining having one added by a local seamstress). In our dry climate here in Colorado, it is comfortable till about 80 degs F. (At which point I use the Airflow). I do, however like the jacket for around the mountains. As it has a temperature range that allows me to wear a single jacket most of the year (with the Airflow 2 it gets VERY cold at 10,000ft, even in August!)

- Crash protection. I had a low speed get-off two summers ago, and the jacket didn't have a scratch. Worked as advertised. In general, I believe the consensus is that BMW riding gear is of very high quality. I can attest this jacket is.


For the money (and for a BMW riding product), it's hard to beat. I just wish they still sold it. I paid $450 US 3 years ago, and got a Jacket (with CE armor, and quality material), a rain jacket, and a winter liner. I don't think you can buy such an offering from BMW at that price anymore, but haven't checked recently. I plan to hold on to mine for some time.




Mike O

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Thanks for the great report! thumbsup.gif


I guess I lucked out then. I just won an ebay auction on one for $137.50, new with no tags or rain jacket/cover. I have a one piece rain suit that I use when needed, my pants don't have a rain liner either so this should work for me.


The rain liners are very hot to wear all the time in mid summer and if your not wearing them you have to stop anyway so what's the point.


Now we just have to get rid of all this ice and snow we got the last couple of days! bncry.gif

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