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blue wire to alternator - plugged in or not?


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I am working on my R12RT (Jan '06 build) and noticed that the small blue wire to the alternator is NOT plugged in. Has anyone noticed this on their R12RT? I haven't had any work done in that area although the clutch was replaced just after I took delivery.

If anyone could check their R12RT, I would appreciate it. Otherwise I will have to wait until tomorrow to call the dealer and ask if I should plug it in before putting the tank back on.

The plug maybe visible (with the body work on) by looking across the top of the left cylinder, front towards the rear, slightly upwards. There is an empty jack on the left rear side of the alternator that matches the blue wire plug. The plug would insert into the jack straight down vertically on the left rear edge of the alt.

Thanks for any help. Buckster


It is a 2 wire black plug but only has one wire (blue) going to it. The jack actually leans to the left slightly.

Thanks for looking. Buckster

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