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Aux lighting on R1200ST


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Has anyone added Hyper-Lights or Run-n-lights to their ST ?

I had them on my RS and thought they were a good idea to keep cagers aware of my presence.

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Got a pair of moto lights on mine. Love them. The headlight is awesome all by itself but when you couple it with moto lights (for us night blind guys) it really makes a difference. I got mine in black and mounted them on the brake caliper. Looks great.

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I intend to get some of those, but I'm thinking more of the back end with this question. On my RS I had brake lights which flashed for about 5 seconds after putting on the brakes. I also had some small led lights which mounted inside the turn signals and stayed lite all the time. They would also flash during braking. With all that light at the back, it definetly gets drivers attention.

I'd like to know if someone has installed this system on their ST's.

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Yes. I have teh Brake! LED tail lamp replacement.


Jsut replaces the stock bulb. Has three settings for flashing upon braking.

No flash

Short flashing

long flashing


each followed by solid bright output.



The downside is that the licenseplate illumination is weaker. That reminds me that I need to continue my search for supplemental plate lighting.


I got mine Here.

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If you had them on your RS, they'll be the same on the ST. Thankfully HyperLites have no problems with the new BMW electrics.

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I got the Hyper Lights with running light option and love them! Very easy to install with plug and play directions and very visable from behind. Excellent comments from people who follow me! AndyT

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Do have them installed on an R1200ST. Your signature says you have an R1150RT. I was trying to see if anyone has put them on an ST.




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