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Clutch removal mistake


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I have recently removed my clutch and neglected to mark the parts for alignment dopeslap.gif.It was all going so smoothly until then.

I had planned on replacing the clutch disc and diaphragm spring but was going to reuse the pressure plates. Are there factory alignment marks I should be looking for and if so what do these look like?

Should I just bit the bullet and replace all of the parts?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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When replacing a complete clutch assembly using 4 new parts there are no specific alignment marks for all of the pieces. If you look at each piece you will see that each one is individually balanced (drill marks removing weight). So with this in mind, there a very slim chance that there will be a balance issue causing vibration. On the ones that I’ve done, none have exhibited any problems due to alignment / balance.

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On my new clutch parts there was a white paint dot or swipe mark on each piece (except the clutch friction plate). My flywheel also had a white dot on it. You should assembly the parts with each white marking appx 120 degress from each other. They usually won't line up quite at 120 but get them as close as possible.

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If you have alignment dots space them apart, if not, don't worry about it. I've never found it to be a critical thing.

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