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Amazing early season PNW ride ! (lots o' pix :-) )

Doug 55

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Guess I should say amazing "IMHO" grin.gif, but -wow- as I have said before; truly nature is the best artist.


Weather conditions vary almost by day in the "greater Seattle / Puget Sound" aka PNW area but luck has allowed some early seasons mountain pass runs. Highwy 20 aka the North Cascades highway is only open a few miles in but they are good 'uns and relatively traffic free.






I have been meaning to get a pic in front of this iconic espresso stand for a while




Steve R's RT and my K12




I went on to the end of the road first and then got more into photo ops / stops on the way back




















yah yah - I do think the gol durn rock is purty wink.gif














































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Doug, wonderful and amazing photos and nature... as always thanks for sharing !!! You make my mouth water ! smile.gif

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Ahh memories. I used this one to show my NY co-workers just how serious you WA folks are about your coffee:




And this one just alters my mood in a great way:




Took my bike out last Saturday. We've been getting snow or ice every couple days - usually dustings, and we got over 2 feet at our house on Valentine's day and another 6-12 inches in the forcast for tomorrow. So the roads are salty and slippery. Spring's coming, though.

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Amazing pics...I want to go riding now. It also looked...BRRRRR...Cooooold! cold.gif What were the temps like during the ride?

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I didn't get to stay in that area for very long and I sure miss it.


Great pics Doug, hope you guys have gotten past the really nasty weather for awhile.

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G'day All


Sometimes I pity you guys in the cold northern part of the world.


Here in sunny Queensland we get to ride all year, but I must say the views are spectatular.


Would love to see them one day.

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There used to be a great little restaurant in the town of Twisp, which you can just see along the border of the map. I stopped by there on my way back from a trip to Banf National Park in Canada. I stopped at the Inn and they had the best darn salsa in the world. I think a pint jar, circa 1992, was about 5 bucks but it was worth it. Twisp used to be a town you could throw a rock from one end to another and have some room left over. I remember driving along 20, just above Twisp, and stopping at a pool below one of the dams. I watched the trout rise up from the crystal clear pools to feed in water clearer than Lake Tahoe. Great memories! In any case the Pacific Northwest is incredibly beautiful year round but especially on the two days when they get sunshine, July 4th and 5th. Lots of good riding in that part of the country on those two days!


Cheers! smile.gif

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