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R1100S : Alternatives to BMW hard cases?


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My boss has an R1100S, doesn't want to fork the funds for the hard bags (bike is setup for them). What are some good options? Are there saddle bags that will work on this bike or should he concentrate on tank/tail bags?

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almost any soft luggage will work. side bags or tail bag

I like rev pak, I currently have two nelson riggs bags both are great. do a google search on soft + motorcycle + tail, and soft + motorcycle + side and you will get links to lots of good examples.

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I've been really pleased with the RKA bags that I have for the Tuono. I've got a tankbag, tailbag, and saddlebags. All are really nice quality, install and remove easily (once you figure out how they'll mount on your specific bike), and hold a ton. The only downside that I've found is they're not lockable like BMW's integrated luggage is. They're probably not as waterproof either, but I haven't really tested that.

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RKA has some awesome products! Again not lockable, but you can use a small luggage lock through the zipper, I have done this when parking the bike in the city.

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