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BMW tir patch kit?


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Like everything else, the BMW tire patch kit seems rather pricey. Are they worth it?

No. Get a Stop & Go kit as mentioned above, with a small compressor that will work off your bike's power. Much better than the CO2 system. I have an "Airman" make compressor, but Slime makes a really good one too. Some folks have taken the cheapie Wal-Mart variety tire inflator compressor (about $10.00), busted the plastic off, and added a BMW plug.


This kind of set up is pricey too, but it IS worth it. thumbsup.gif

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I recommend that you do a search of the archives before buying anything. Some of us have had VERY bad luck with the pricey Stop-n-Go kit dopeslap.gif and good luck with the cheap sticky rope kits from Wal-Mart. thumbsup.gif


You can make a servicable compressor by stripping the plastic housing from a cheapie DC powered Campbell Hausfeld compressor (again, from Wally World) and fitting it with a BMW power plug. If you're interested, PM me and I can send you a picture of mine...WAY simple but a lot bettr than CO2 cartridges.



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To be more specific.. the worst part about the BMW kit isn't because it's pricey, or because it's BMW. The CO2 inflation part of the kit is the worthless part, because there isn't enough CO2 included to do a good job at getting the tire full enough. If you do nothing else, get a pump rather than CO2. It won't take any more room than carrying sufficient cartridges, and it will be way faster and easier to fill your tire.

The 'gummy worms' actually do work, but the Stop & Go plugs have worked better for me.

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