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FYI: $85 "Special" Kermit Chairs, 15 left


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Factory "seconds": the legs are too wide to fit the optional extensions. They can easily be sanded down however.


Got mine for $95 shipped to NYC, in red.


He still has 15 more left (various colors). Contact him by tomorrow (Wednesday) before, as he's leaving town for about 10+ days.


No affiliation,


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Got mine!


He stated he is no longer answering the phone as he is leaving. lmao.giflmao.gif


He stated he will be back in the office on March 12, will be going through his inventory to see what/if he has left, etc.




Thanks Porn Star, err, I mean Eff!! eek.gifeek.gif

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It is a real quality chair but definately NOT worth the price from a purely objective perspective. I got one anyway because it's a BMW "cult" kind of thing. I got mine with a "motoman" embroidered on the back panel.

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