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GMAC Insurance


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My insurance is coming up for renewnal and I thought I would compare some rates. I subscribe to all the motorcycle mags and get solicitations all the time. I got one from GMAC (per Rider magazine)so I took out my Markel renewal notice for a reference and gave them a call.


They first asked more personal info than I really wanted to give over the phone but hey I feel like if I go with them they are investing in this relationship and it wasn't anything I really wouldn't expect them to ask I guess.


We finally got to the type of bikes I own. I give them all the info and coverages I now have on the RT and the SV650. When I mentioned the 90/6 things got real quiet. He said he needed to look that bike up and put me on hold. He comes back and says "Sorry that bike is on our do no insure list". He couldn't give me any reason but assured me he would be glad to insure the other 2 bikes and did I want to write them up? I respectively declined. Has anyone run across this situation before? FYI, I just have liability and uninsured and under-insured on the /6.

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I just called them gmac , yesterday for a quote and they asked me about my bikes. Their both ok to insure but I now pay 615 for two bikes full cover and there quote was for 2,600. I called them to see what was going on and got poor answers so of course I"ll stay where i"m at.

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I've used "Rider" GMAC for years now. When I wrecked my R100GS 14 years ago they paid off at NADA book price and also covered my helmet, gloves, jacket, and bags under their included $1,500 accessory coverage. Then they didn't raise my rates. I'm very pleased with GMAC. My current annual premium of $1,150 includes liability, collision, comp, the above $1,500 accessory coverage, and under-insured motorist on my 2001 Honda GL1800, 2004 HD FXDX, 1993 BMW R100R and 1991 K100RS, and 2006 Suzuki DR 650. In my case the coverage exceeds the state minimum but the limits are still pretty low. As always, with insurance, one "rolls the dice". Being a "geezer" helps in this case!

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