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Technical Service Bulletins?


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All car manufacturers that I know of use TSBs (Technical Service Bulletins) to make dealers aware of "Known" problems and the work around/fix for them. I would think that BMW-NA must have something like that. I have purchased access to such information for my cages but have also found service managers willing to print them off for me on the cars.


Does anyone know if BMW-NA offers TSBs? I find it frustrating when I go to my dealer and say I've got a problem and dealer says they've never heard of that. I've told them I've seen others report the same issue to their dealer only to have them ask what dealer etc..


I will make an effort to ask for the service bulletins I've gotten issues fixed under and report them here. I think we can start to amass some tribal knowledge that way and speak the same language when we request fixes from our dealers.



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I used to have some access to the dealer literature site but they've changed it now and require a password.


I used to walk in with printed PDFs for issues known to BMWNA but the dealer had no idea.

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yes. They loved it when I would walk them through their system to show them new part numbers. like when the second edition of a service manual CD came out and I wanted them to orer it and they insisted the 1st edition was the newest.

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