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I made a mountain out of a molehill


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After several of you came to my aid with answers for my ignition switch problem, I thought with my technical background I could diagnose and repair a bad connection or a broken wire.




Now, instead of an intermittent tail light, I'm completely dead in the water.


The innards of the ignition switch are only slightly less daunting than the innards of a chronograph. Note the tiny springs that DO go flying the instant the switch is opened. I still have 3 springs after searching high and low. I heard a lot of small bits falling down into the fairing, so I'm not sure what else is supposed to be in there. I would love to post a picture I took, but I have no idea how to resize it to fit here.


Luckily, Hemmersley can ship a new switch on Monday. $75.00


Moral of the story, Boys and Girls...


Never ever ever open your ignition switch.

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