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this year I bought a Columbia brand expeditionary parka for $170 and has been absolutely the best jacket I have ever had. It has its pockets in the right place for motorcycling, totally water and wind proof, and the color scheme contrasts my bike very well. I then purchased a $20 pair of ski pants to pull over my jeans and BMW's brand of winter gloves. I have ridden in 20 degree weather with no problems. I toiled with the idea of buying a more expensive riding jacket but didn't like how stiff some of them were. The Columbia jacket fits perfectly with no ballooning (filling with air) during the ride. If having body armour isn't an issue, I would recommend a ski/hiking type of parka. It's body contoured, fashionable, and cheaper.

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Thanks for the advice. I was thinking about the lack of body armour and decided to buy something with it. I am a dirt rider recovering from a torn shoulder tendon after clipping a tree. Maybe the street armour won't be necessary but I don't want to take the chance.

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Hey Chuck,


Welcome to the Board!


I own the First Gear and after riding it in the "cool" air of DV this past January LOVE IT!. It is a good jacket and I think it will last me several riding seasons. Got mine from New Enough and they were great to deal with.


Good luck and remember Torrey isn't that far for you to go!


Kaisr thumbsup.gif

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I've had a first gear jacket that I have been beating the crap out of for almost 10 years. It is still 100% waterproof in all day downpours. I've worn it in 110 degree weather with all the vents open, and down to below freezing with the liner in and nothing more than a t-shirt on. I had the snap on the very bottom of the front flap pull out last fall. Other than that, it looks and performs like brand new. I also use the First Gear HT overpants......another great product. I would give a thumbsup.gif to any of their pruducts.

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I have used FIRSTGEAR Kilimanjaro Air for two years now. Love it. I still have my Kilimanjaro standard coat. Use this one when it gets cold.

The FIRSTGEAR Kilimanjaro Air has an insulated water proof liner. I find at 70 degree F I need the liner. It is waterproof.

On real hot 95+ degree days I use my silver meshtex jacket, it is much cooler than the black/silver Kilimanjaro Air.


That was my two cents hope it helps.



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