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Heat resistant pad?


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Is the heat resistant pad on the underside of the left side case a replaceable spare part or is there a non-bmw solution?


Mine fell off the '97 RT around 50k. I kept an eye on it for a few thousand miles. Never saw any difference so I quit worring about it. Sold the bike at 84k and no damage.


I wouldn't carry my ice cream home from the store on that side but.....

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Clive Liddell

Mine started to shred so, before it got too bad, I cut a piece of aluminium to the same size and bolted it on with 6x5mm S/Steel bolts with "cap nuts" on the inside to avoid hole'ing the sugar and flour packets smile.gif Yes, the inside nuts get warm on a long fast run but not half as warm as I thought they'd get.

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You could also use some small standoff pieces to provide an air space between the plate and the surface of the pannier to provide an air gap. It would both decrease heat transfer and improve cooling.

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If you use really thin stainless steel and nuts/bolts from stainless steel this will make a very fine heatshield. Stainless steel is a diabolical conductor of heat (when compared to aluminium).

But more relevant is the observation that many of us have lost that 'heat shield' with no ill effect.

So it's really up to how much you want to do about it.



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