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CenTech Fuse Box


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Have any of you found a convenient place to mount this fuse panel on an Rt. I have an 03' R1150Rt.

I have looked around under the seat but have not found quite enough room. Ideas??



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I mounted my Centech on the plastic top of the fuse box under the seat. I used the self tapping screws right into the plastic lid (use a size that doesn't go in too far and hit a fuse)! I then ran heavy guage wire to the battery terminals to power the Centech and started hooking up my farkles. I am sure others have better places to mount it and I've seen some clever set ups in threads here, but this worked for me!

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I mounted mine under the seat on the backside of the tail light assy via a 2"X 2" piece of industrial velcro. It's back out of the way and yet accessible when you need to bring it out to add a circuit. cool.gif

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I mounted one in the tankbag, and another on top of the air cleaner lid. It is held in place with a couple dabs of silicone, making removal easy for checking filter now and then.


Are you planning to use a switched relay to power the fuse panel? It is a good idea to do so. Centech sells a couple of really good waterproof relays.


BTW, welcome to the DB.

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I'll second the recommendation of Eastern Beaver. I bought the kit with the relay; EB attached the Centech terminal connectors to the relay wiring before shipping. All I had to do was connect to battery, then attach the relay trigger wire to an existing switched circuit (Eastern Beaver even included Posi-Tap connectors for that part).


I mounted the fuse box under the rear seat of my LT, on the very edge next to the saddlebag.


It didn't work when I first hooked it up; then I figured out that the inline fuse holder on the battery harness did not have a fuse already installed. EB provided two fuses; I thought they were both spares! Felt pretty stupid poking everything with a circuit tester just to find that I hadn't put in a fuse.

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