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Corbin or Russell seats for r1200rt


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Does anyone have any experience with either the Corbin or Russell seats on their R1200rt. I've read some bad things about the Corbin but was wondering about both. Will either work for a shorter inseam of 29"? How comfortable and how is the workmanship? Or is there another brand someone might reccomend. Thanks in advance.

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I have a Corbin on my 1150RT, and a Rick Mayer seat on my 1200RT--I much prefer the Rick Mayer because it is softer and more comfortable. I've had several Russel seats and they are excellent. After riding on the Rick Mayer I find it every bit as comfortable as the Russel and quite a bit cheaper, so that's the one I would buy again. The main difference is that the Russel has steel springs to support the outer edges of your butt--which is important if you're a big guy--then Russel would be the right choice. I'm 5'10" and at 175# the Mayer seat works well for me.

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My opinion..



Bad service

Firm comfortable seat

Will likely give you less foot on the ground than stock seat

Heated seat operates off separate switch that stays hot even when the ignition switch is off.



Great service

Softer very comfortable seat

Will likely give you less foot on the ground than stock seat

Heated seat operates just like stock heated seat..

I prefer Russell..

Some prefer Corbin..

Good luck.. thumbsup.gif

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CORBIN CUSTOMER SERVICE IS THE WORST IVE EVER SEEN. I have their seats on my st1300 and 1200 gs,but they arevery firm seats. they are comfortable and supportive. only other non- custom order is Sargent, which is softer and comfortable Had a sargent on my VFR and was very satisfied. Met Rick Mayer (there is a Bill Mayer who also does seats) at the Chicago motorcycle show, and ordered a seat from him. Very personable, good reputation, good initial communication. Seat should be ready mid march. If the first seat works, will probably replace both corbins with mayers, if for no other reason than lousy customer service.

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I originally purchased a Corbin, then switched to a Rick Mayer. Several things you need to consider before buying.


1. The Corbin will raise your position on the bike. For me, it was about 2". Being 6'4", this was a problem. Had to replace the stock windshield (which I planned to do anyway) in order to have any protection.

2. If you use the heated seat option, then a Russell, Rick Mayer will use the stock controls. The Corbin has a switch on the side and requires additional wiring.

3. Service after the sale. I did not have a negative experience with Corbin. However, I did not keep the seat that long either. I had some issues with Rick, but to be fair, I caught him during his busiest season. Still no excuse, but understand that you might experience some delays if you purchase now.


My opinion would be to choose between a Rick Mayer or Russell. Corbin is a gamble that many have tried and then eventually switched. Very few have switched from a RM or Russell once they purchase one.

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Had Corbin on my Harley's, hated them. When I started riding BMWs I tried the BMW Comfort Seat, the Sargent Seat, and the Mayer seat did not like any of them. While on a ride, a friend let me try his Russell and I loved it. I had a Russell on my R1100RT, R1150RT, and now on my R1200Rt and Gold Wing. For me, it is the best. I have put in 19hour days and I am still good to go in the seat. It is the first upgrade I make on a new bike.

John thumbsup.gif

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