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Shark RSI Helmet - Owner Review


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A few weeks ago I asked if anyone had feedback on the new Shark RSI helmet. webBikeWorld did a very positive review on it (here). There was no response so I assume I’m the first person on the board to get one. I wanted this helmet in particular as an upgrade to my HJC AC11. I was looking for a non-Snell helmet, but not a bottom of the line lid as many non-Snell helmets seem to be. I ordered mine from Helmet Harbor (click) in size medium since that’s what I’ve worn in every other helmet I’ve had.


The helmet came and it’s beautifully finished with a very high quality paint job. As mentioned in the webBikeWorld article, everything about it was perfect in terms of build quality. So I slipped it on . . . and slipped . . . and pushed it on. Hmm, snug, very snug. I looked like the Pillsbury doe boy in that thing, cheeks all scrunched up! Well, helmets are supposed to fit snug, so I tried to slip my glasses in and no go. My ears were plastered against my head so tight, I couldn’t get the glasses hooked over them at all. So back in the box it went and I ordered a large to see if that would fit without being too big and allow me to get my glasses on.


Well the large size actually fits me well, about the same as my medium HJC AC11. And although the ear pockets are pretty shallow, I can get my glasses on now. This helmet may not be a good candidate for a communication system as there just isn’t enough room for speakers in there, even if you’re not a glasses wearer. Maybe some modifications can be made to correct this.


I wore it for the first time on a short ride last night and I really like it. The shield is very clear and the anti-fog treatment worked as advertised. The lid comes with a removable breath shield, but all it did was cause my glasses to fog so I removed it – it’s too far away from your face to really be effective. It also blocks the view somewhat down low. The first stop on the shield allows it to be just cracked open for more air circulation, a must have feature in my book. The shield removal system is the best I’ve ever had, you just push in at the pivot point and the shield pops off, very fast and simple.


The air vents work as well, although you can definitely tell when the top vent is open as the wind roar is more pronounced – about the same as other helmets I’ve had. I could definitely feel the air circulating over my head.


The lid is very light; the large RSI was noticeably lighter than my medium HJC AC11. The aerodynamics seem good - less buffeting than the HJC on my R12RT. No problems turning side to side. All in all a very good helmet at a reasonable price ($265.95 from Helmet Harbor).


Just remember that it seems to fit a bit small so order one size larger than you usually take, and I’d be careful if you like to mount speakers in your helmet. As it comes, the ear pockets are quite shallow and I really didn’t look closely to see if that can be changed.

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