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Motovision Lights on RT


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Have finally got them on order and courier from UK coming oover the weekend. Has anyone tried them out and seen any difference or is it just hype?

I primarily is getting them to be seen betterin daylight but like the bonus of added light after dark as well.

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Here's a link with similar concerns - are these bulbs street legal in the US? FJR Forum There's no difinitive answer, but you may want to have your story already worked out should you get stopped by a LEO...


Please report back once you've got the bulbs - I'd be very interested in hearing how they perform. Pic's would be even better! thumbsup.gifthumbsup.gifthumbsup.gif



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+1 thumbsup.gif on what Ken H. said. On my bike for several months now; bought them immediately when they first came out.


At first I couldn't see any difference (damn near went blind looking into the low beams for that pink/orange glow shown in the advertisement blush.gif). Could juuuuusssssttttt catch a glimpse of it in the corners of the lamp.


But shortly thereafter, a late afternoon group ride had us all stopping for a bite, whereupon several riders said they could pick my bike out of the group in their mirrors, especially at dusk. Also, brightness is increased over OEM, just not as much as a "whiter" light (40% to 45% vs. 50% +).


I like having them; if it's hype, they've sold me.

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Got them installed, left one was a breeze and right one took some flex with patience.

Did check first with only one in and could clearly see a difference in light intensity and pattern on the wall and on the street.

Have not been riding in the dark with it yet but it seemed so far a good investment and this way I can do away with putting a modulator on.

I also put a H4 in the Ducati Monster which also on the wall showed a clear improvement.

roughly 50 bucks for all three lights 2 H7's and one H4.

I will report later when I have been riding in the dark.


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