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Autocom and Telephone Volume


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My Pro-7 is great for intercom and XM radio, but I can't hear the cell phone. The earphone volume on the phone is all the way up, but it's just not enough. Any suggestons? Is there an amplifier that I can install?

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Often it's the hands-free socket on the cell that causes this problem.


With many phones, this socket is not flush with the surface of the phone's plastic case. Instead, it is recessed so that the decorative rubber plug which covers the socket when not in use, can itself end up flush. Now, when you try and plug the Autocom lead into the socket, the plastic around the recessed socket doesn't allow the male pin to make full penetration and complete contact.


The first thing I would do is check this. If necessary, grind down the black plastic around the top of the male pin on the Autocom cable in order to reduce its circumference and get it to fit into the plastic recess around the phone's hands-free socket. Once you're making full contact, your volume should increase.

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