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Thanx SteveB, IBMWFAN and BeniciaGT


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Over the past couple of weeks I had a chance to ride down to Wildemar to hang with Steve B and learn a bit about my Powerlet accessories. Steve was kind enough, and PJ hospitable enough to have me for the day!


Then, last weekend, I rode up to Diamond Springs to spend the weekend with Phil and Jamie, and BeniciaGT and Wife as well.


We joked, laughed, ate, and between all the jocularity managed to install a Roady and Autocom to my R1200RT!


Well, it was a great ride up mostly because it wasn't so dang cold! In fact, the evening temps in the Central Valley were in the low sixties. Plenty doable for the Inner Sissy in me!


Riding up I-5 in the middle of the night is an experience not for the faint hearted. The 70 MPH speed limit is, I believe, purely advisory in nature. Monster semi tractor trailor combos whistle down the highway in speeds in excess of 85, and passenger cars even faster. Drivers on this stretch have one thing in mind, and that is to get somewhere fast!


So, doing what the Romans were doing, I set the cruise up for 85 and sailed north...nary a problem from the CHP. Was it because I cut such a daring figure in my 'Stich and dazzling R12RT? Or was it because the CHP was engaged in a full-time feeding frenzy of snatching errant speeders who were brushing up against 100 MPH? grin.gif


300 miles later, I found a motel. Hmmm...you'd think a Day's Inn might be a tad bit above an M6, right? I thought so, as I shelled out $62 for Friday night.


Dragging my weary body into the room I made ready for some serious shut-eye. Sadly, this was not to be as the occupants of the room next door seemed bent on breaking some kind of romance-in-the-motel record. And, the walls were paper thin... eek.gif


Eventually exhaustion overtook noise and crummy room distratctions and I got to sleep...only to wake up to 50 mph winds outside!


"Is it always this windy?"

"That ain't windy."

"Seems windy to me. Wasn't that your cat that just blew by?"


After looking in vain for the innkeepers cat, I mounted the RT and headed off to Phil and Jamies, a scant 150 miles away by more freeway. At least the wind died down.


As I mentioned earlier, the day with Benicia, Jamie, and Phil was great. They taught me a lot about electronics and how to properly accessorize my motorcycle. All to soon, however, I had to say goodby, as I had many miles to go before I was home.


So, Sunday morn. after a great breakfast cooked by Phil, I headed off for Los Banos, the coastal foothills and Monterey. Of course I enjoyed CA 1 down the Big Sur coast as well.


In all a delightful ride, made even better by great friends and some excellent motorcycling!


I hope to see you all again soon...



Steve in So Cal

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No pictures, eh? It never happened.


Your "visit" must have just been an excuse that Phil and Rich used to avoid the ride up the coast! grin.gif


Wow!!! You been dippin' into the RockStar or RedBull???????


Who woke you up!?!?! grin.gifgrin.gif


Pics to follow!! Oh and just wait til you see the additional "farkle" we put on Steve's bike!! Very . . . . . . . . Elton Johnish!!!


At work since Tuesday AM and don't get off til tomorrow AM so you'll have to wait a bit longer!!!!




We loved having you over and can't wait to do it again with Jennifer added to the mix next time!!!!!!


Glad it all worked out for your trip! It was sure fun here! thumbsup.gifthumbsup.gif

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Hey, putz (1, not Steve), rules is rules. No pics, no happen. How you like dat?! boxing.gif


Hmmm...maybe I dreamt:

Miles of high speed riding past acres of wind tossed flowering trees

Incredible hospitality and great food

Unbelievable guest quarters

$3.00 gasoline

Miles of crashing waves, blue skies and wind-whipped foamy seas....


Maybe I did dream it all... eek.gif




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Glad to have you over Steve! As you said it was a very therapeutic way to spend the day before heading to Boulder City to send Gleno off.


Steve actually did get his hands dirty:



We installed the Centech power block:



Hope the pull wires came in handy for the Roady and GPS.

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Awesome job on the Centech box, and yes, I did learn quite a bit. Mostly that I have some new riding friends who really know their way around electronics...


Many thanks....



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