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Rt1100 Burning rubber smell


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Hi Gang, I am looking for a possible solution. I have an 01 1100rt 15k mi. Recently I have noticed a burning rubber smell after I pull into the garage. I'm not sure where it's coming from. I have checked the small gasket that holds the muffler in place and it is still pliable. It is not an oil or brake smell either. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

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Gee Sam,


Burning rubber smell ? How about looking closely at the tires for any rubbing, particularly the front as the fender assembly has been known to loosen and rub against the front tire.

Burning rubber smell, not at all a sweet thing.


Good luck, Wooster

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check the tyre pressure. I rode 220 miles on a rear tyre that only had about 20 lbs. blush.gif It was a little wobbly but not bad. The stiff sidewalls will let you drive and drive until the tyre gets so hot it blows. frown.gif

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