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Garmin 2820 question


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The Garmin 2820, with the GXM30 (?) antenna will give you XM (disabled in Nav III) and traffic alerts. Does anyone know if this is Stereo or Monaural? confused.gif

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I just purchased the 2730 from costco w/ the xm receiver for 499.99. If you use the fm transmitter or line out to an intercom, it is stereo. If you use the car cord it's mono.

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OK the 2820 has no FM transmitter so if you cord out to an intercom system you get Stereo! Excellant! I was trying to decide path going with the CB (JM/BMW) intercom using the aux from the Garmin 2820 with the GXM30 (XM radio) linked with the BMW CD/radio. thumbsup.gif

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Can someone tell the main differences between the 2720 and the 2820?






2820 adds:

Bluetooth connection to phone and/or headset/helmet

XM music

XM Traffic (still has the FM traffic option)

MP3/audio book playback

Stereo audio jack

Mic input jack for phone use

10,000 point track log

create your own audio based tours by triggering mp3 files at specific GPS coordinates.

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