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How to make a 98R1100RT-P into a two seater


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Hello everyone just bought my first beemer. I bought my bike at a police auction with only 36000 miles. What I want to do is remove the communication trunk and make it a two seater again. I am not sure what I need beyond the seat if you have a idea please let me know. Thanks, Dan thumbsup.gif

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Congrats Dan!

The rtp was never a 2 seater and the coversion can be quite costly.

There are several post describing the procedure. I'm sure some kind soul will lead you to them. The search option here can be a challenge.

Enjoy it!

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hey thats a steal.last i heard it was around 7-800 bucks for the conversion.oh congrats on the new ride.i have a 2000.when i got mine it was already converted to 2-up,but i got all the rt-p stuff in a box.if anybody tells you the rear crash bars won't fit with a 2-up seat let me know i'll tell ya what i did on mine.

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