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Drive Line Questions


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Since we still have snow on the ground and I won't be getting the RT out of my driveway for another 6 weeks due to the thick layer of ice built up over the winter I felt it was a good time to dismantle the driveline for inspection and parts replacement as required.

I now have the tranny out with a special thanks to Ted and his Spline Lube DVD. Watching it once was more help than reading the manual 10 times.

I have some questions I hope can be answered on this discussion board.

My 99 RT has 70,000 miles.

1 The rear main seal does not appear to be leaking. Is it worth replacing or should I leave well enough alone?

2 When removing the final drive there was a lot of gear oil trapped in the rubber boot which means replacing the pinion seal. Is it possible for the oil to get up to the top of the swing arm? There is oil in the rubber boot between the tranny and the swingarm yet the tranny seal does not appear to be leaking.

3 The clutch was almost down to the rivets so the timing was perfect. Is there a good after market replacement or should I use BMW parts?

4 Should I be dismantling the tranny and final drive to inspect the internals even though they both seem to be fine other than the typical clunking between 2nd and 3rd gear?

5 Should I be replacing the swingarm pivot bearings? They seem to be in good shape.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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1. In a word, no. Let sleeping dogs lie.

2. You can if you want but you are looking at a 70K mile accumulation. Pull the boot at 150K and see how things look.

3. I know of only one aftermarket disk and it has no cushion in it. I'd stay with the BMW parts.

4. See 1, above. Work on your technique.

5. Might as well but I'd look into a bushing kit, ask Jamie for the source.

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I'd agree with Ed except maybe #5. If the pivot bearings seem fine, clean & lube them up, torque them correctly during reassembly, and you'll be good to go. I'm not one to replace good parts 'just because.'

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