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How do I open the ignition cylinder?


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I am having a problem with my '02 RT in that the tail light goes off. I have traced it back to the only wire harness going into the ignition cylinder. Very light pressure on the harness or pressing up on the bottom of the cylinder will cause the tail light to flicker.


My problem is I have no idea of how to open the ignition cylinder to do a visual inspection.


Any ideas?


Thanks much!!

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I think he's refering to the ignition switch barrell.


I believe the problem is not with the switch, but rather, the harness.


You'll have to remove the switch first. There are two screws, one on each sibe of the switch, at the bottom.


You should then be able to evaluate the harness at the connection.

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Wingnut's right. There is a small screw covered over with paint in that position.

Scrape the paint out an undo the screw. The base (switch) section drops out of the Ignition lock cylinder. The wiring runs forward to an orange multi pin connector top left under the nosecone (yep, have to remove that as well).

Replace all and make sure you repaint the screw.


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Thanks for those who clarified what I really meant, and also to those who (hopefully) have given me a solution. I was worried about those two "one way screws" on the bottom of the ignition switch barrel. I was having dark images in my head of drilling and tapping and lots of money. Hopefully I can find a loose connector or strained wire and that will be the end of it.


So, this leads me to another question of which I'm sure A&S cycle would gladly answer for a few dollars....

If I have to get a new ignition switch, do I re-key the switch or all of my luggage?


Wow, this board is well worth the cost of admission!! clap.gif


Thanks again,

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