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BT021 battlaxe, another dual compound sport touring tire


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Bridgestone BT-021 Battlaxe, shown at Webbikeworld looks to be another interesting sport touring tire for '07. Avon, Michelin, and now Bridgestone have released or are about to release dual compound sport touring tires. I'm glad the segment is getting so much attention. I had made up my mind to try a set of Avon Storm but will keep an eye out for reviews of the BT-021 as well. Michelin isn't due to release the dual compound Pilot Road until September in the U.S. but since our European brothers and sisters have access to those already we can hope get a few reviews before we can buy them here.
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Even though the new Michelin Pilot Road 2CT is available in R1200RT sizes in Europe it is not yet available in the correct weight rating.

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I have battlaxe tires on my R, and have had them for a couple years and about 12k miles now. Very good wearing tire, and what I'm going put on as new shortly.


I forget the exact spec/model, but I love 'em.

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