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Navigator II & III


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Differences between the II & III:


The Nav II is essentially a rebranded 2610. The Nav III is a 2720 with bluetooth added. The one obvious difference between the II and III is bluetooth on the III. The III also has fixed internal memory, rather than the Compact Flash cards that the II uses. The III had a display that's easier to read in the sunlight. The III also has a slightly different user interface ... it's simplier, but simplicity also means some of the granularity has been removed.


If I was debating the two, I would stick with the II. I'm using a 2730 currently, and the only reason I picked it over the 2610 was because of the integrated music options. If it wasn't for the music, I would pick the 2610 over the 2720.


I also have the Nav III. For the price, you're pretty much better off finding a different Garmin unit that will do what you want, unless you get it packaged into a new purchase.


Just my $0.02 worth.

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The Nav III also has a 3D mapping interface which shows you the route as though you were looking ahead. The Nav II only has 2D which shows you the route from above. The Nav III is also switchable into 2D mode

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Think the Nav III is actually a "hardened" 2820.


The Nav III has none of the music features of the 2820. The response I got from Garmin was that it was a hardened 2720, as the 2720 also has no music support, plus bluetooth added. If it was a hardened 2820, I could have gotten away from my 2730.

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Had seen other reports that it was a 2820 without the music,but if that's what you heard from Garmin,that's fine and I stand corrected.


Me,I'm still doing fine with my 2610 and my Nav II,although that Amazon 2730 deal looks sweet.Plus I still have an Amazon gift card!




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