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Touratec GPS mount...


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Winter is a great time to come up with some different approaches to problems...one of mine was how to utilize a locking Touratec GPS mount on the base I made for my R12RT. So I came up with this...




You have to visualize the 1" ram ball removed and the 'bar' mounted using the 2 hex head srews either side of where the ball is...




My problem is before I order a 120.00 Touratec mount for my 376c, I need to know how wide the clamping bracket on the bottom of the Touratec is...The 'bar in my base is 1/2" diameter and 2 1/8" long. I can't find a picture of the 'back' of the Touratec, the dealer doesn't have one in stock, and so far no response from Rider Workwearhouse etc.

Anyone out there using a Touratec locking mount for a Garmin 376c (or 276c for that matter), that could measure the width of the 'clamp' to see if it would fit on a 2" wide 1/2" bar? I know it needs a 1/2" bar its just the width requirement I don't know.



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