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Optimoly TA or equivalent

Indy Bill

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So, I am reading in the R1150RT maintenance manual to insure I am not screwing the pooch on putting together the front wheel assembly and it states, "Apply a thin coat of Optimoly TA or similar to the quick-release axle and install." Groovus......all I need now is some Optimoly TA. Wait!!! I can't find any. Some quick searching on the Internet reveals that it is no longer made and no clear substitute was apparent. eek.gif A little help here, people. The thought of the front axle seizing at 70+mph is not appealing to me.


My apologies if this subject was previously covered on this forum but a search uncovered nothing as well.

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The wheel axle is not turning so it seizing in the fork will only be a problem the next time you want to take the wheel off. I have a handy white lithium grease spray in a can. It does the job. IMHO in that application any regular grease will do.

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Just about any nonflowing lube will work. I had the rear axle rust up to the bearing on my R65LS once. Coerced it out with a hammer. Now I spread a thin coat of bearing grease it avoid that.

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Optimoly Paste TA is a rather obscure Castrol product. It is a heavy paste that is heavily loaded with Molybdenum Disulphide, intended to ease pressfit assemblies.


For your application, Honda's Moly 60 (which you should be using for spline greasing) will be a perfectly good substitute. Dow Corning's "Gn" assembly paste is a similar product, but the Honda product is easier to get.

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Just about any old grease will do for this application.

The axle is not a press fit, but rather a sliding fit in the bearings.

The wheel does not turn on the axle so that is a non-issue.


The whole purpose of a lubricant in there is to keep the axle from rusting. I have always used a blob of, wait for it, axle grease in my hand and wiped it on the axle prior to assembly. Caution, be sure to wipe it off your hands before applying that 2 lb dead blow hammer to the axle, it is utterly amazing how the trajectory of said hammer will intersect with the most expensive piece of stuff that is lying across the shop. eek.gif

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