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My 'Tale of Gleno's Memorial (Warning: long with LOTS of pics!)


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Glen "Gleno" McIntosh was an amazing man, husband, father, grandfather, son, mentor, rider, mechanic, generous soul, comedian and my "brother from another mother".


He was killed at around 9:30 pm on Tuesday, February 6th, 2007. He was riding home with a few other bikes when a car ran a stop sign and split his riding group--he was not leading for a change, having handed the honor to another rider in the club.


Ironically, they were just coming from a dinner with other members of his beloved "Sin City Sportbikes" group (of which he was the president) where Gleno was organizing a blood drive for another member severely injured in a previous crash.


The memorial service was held on Sunday, February 11th, 2007 in Boulder City, NV, where Gleno lived with his wife, Terri, his daughter Allyson, and grandkids Madison and Connor.







Randy's son Ryan had bought a Ducati 996 upon his return from his first deployment to Iraq. When he was sent to training at Pendleton for re-deployment he couldn't keep a bike on base. Gleno had offered to store it for him and fix it up (new tires, tune-up, etc.) in preparation for his return from the Middle East. We wanted to get it off of Terri's plate so "seanc" stepped up to bring it back to SD for shipping to Randy in Georgia. Since Leslie was still not able to ride (crappy appendix!), we gave Sean a ride out in our car and he rode the 996 back home to SD with Michael "STIR". I'll let Sean tell that story! wink.gif







Tom "T.M.Roe" aka "Fast MoFo Roe" showed up with Nicole "ocupante". It was a treat to see him again and to meet Nicole. For those who haven't had the pleasure, Thomas "Jefferson" Roe doesn't post much anymore, but he was one of the founding fathers of the spirit of this place, and one of the original drafters of the concepts of "Tech Daze" "UnRallies" "Pied Piper Tours" and BMWST.com's "Declaration of Spreading the Love"! smile.gif


BTW, Lisa "90% angel" is not really wearing that sombrero, it's actually nailed to the wall behind her. Though it does look cute on her! smile.gif







More shots from dinner on Saturday night at one of Gleno's favorite Mexican restaurants.










"russell_bynum" and Lisa "90% angel"







Mark "BigMak", maker of the wonderful BMA flip-up tank bags we BMWST.commers all know and love so much!







Michael "STIR", aka "The Bridman of Torrey" after not one--BUT TWO--bird strikes on one fateful trip to Utah!








Sean "seanc" before his ride home on the Duc 996 when he could still walk upright! smile.gif







Sammy "sgendler" and Tiffany ordering dinner. Gleno was Best Dude at their wedding. Some of the shots of Glen and Terri dancing that were posted to the DB were from that day.







"RussellW" and "norah" at dinner. I didn't want to interrupt their ordering as we were all pretty hungry.







"Les_is_more" hugging Tom "azkaisr" at dinner. Tom was the mastermind behind logistics of the last MLK weekend DVD ride in Pahrump, NV last month. Thanks again, Tom!







Fernando and Penny Belair.






Rodger "Signman" aka "Rajneesh" and Sue Blakey. The "Signman" has at least three different Gleno memorial stickers for sale. If you need any (for a donation to the family trust fund) contact him via PM here on the DB.







"ArizonaAl", aka "the Earplug Guy", and Marco "glockster".


Sorry about the lousy light in this series of shots, but these were all stills taken from my cheap-o Cannon digital camera shooting video clips without a flash.







Roy "roydog" and "GeorgeLT".







"GeorgeLT" and Mikko "The Flying Finn".







Nancy "gottago" and Gary May.






T. M. Roe says: "Bring it!" smile.gif







Bob "Killer", Les and Nicole.







Kent "Pilgrim", Russell and Lisa.






Phil "1bmwfan" and "HotJamie" "2bmwfan" arrived late as they were bringing Richard "BeniciaRT_GT" in their cage and we all know about Richard's penchant for punctuality! wink.gif





Eric "ericfoerster" and "Wurty" enjoying a post dinner cigar out on the verandah.








Oh look! Richard "BeniciaRT_GT" finally showed up! I'm sure he'll try to blame Phil and HotJamie for his tardiness this time as well. tongue.gif


It looks like Howard "PhillyFlash" isn't buying it either! smile.gif







Sammy "sgendler" and "JerryMather" enjoying the smoky air.


One of my fondest early memories from this DB was chasing Jerry on the canyon roads heading back to LA smelling that cheroot he was always smoking. At that time fresh from his Harley days, he rode with an open face helmet and I'd catch a whiff every now and again as I'd try to keep up with him in the twisties on our RT's. I stood no hope of catching him of course, but I could always tell which way he went by following my nose! smile.gif







"russell_bynum", Jamie "KMG_365" aka "CoolJamie" (to avoid confusion), and Kent "Pilgrim".








Jamie "2bmwfan" aka "HotJamie" (for obvious reasons), Lisa "90% angel" (but if you met her you'd swear it was more than just 90%), and Leslie "Les_is_more" . . . and let me tell you--it CERTAINLY is! smile.gif


As they were posing for this shot Pilgrim says: "Boy, there's enough teeth there for THREE mouths!" smile.gif








Some of us met for breakfast the next morning before the services.


Phil "1bmwfan" is far left and the rest you've seen already if you got this far. wink.gif







Before the official start of the services, many folks were already filing in and greeting Teri and the family. Someone at the back of the room called out: "Here come the bikes!" and most of us then went outside to watch them ride down the road past the "Lighthouse" and turn in down at the corner. It was a VERY moving sight seeing somewhere between 150-200 bikes of ALL makes and models--ridden by folks from ALL walks of life--all there to honor Gleno.


The building itself was FAR too small to house the 500 or so folks who came. Most of the riders just filed in to pay their respects to Teri, the family and Gleno and to touch his casket, but they didn't stay. There was no way they could all fit inside and I heard there were more folks standing around outside than were inside at one point.




Kent and Leslie watching the parade of bikes arriving at the "Lighthouse".







Gleno's younger son, Andrew was in his military dress uniform and before the services began had laid his cap on the casket.


It made for a very striking image. frown.gif







Next to the casket was errected a collection of pictures of Gleno on an easel.


Like Lisa's slideshow set to music, it was very moving to look at.







Another little known facet to Gleno's fascinating and complex nature--revealing yet more of his wide range of talents and interests: Gleno was a Master Mason as was his father and grandfather before him. The Christian Service was followed by a Masonic Service which was very beautiful and filled with reverence, tradition and poingancy. It was conducted by various "officers" of the "lodge" who wore necklaces signifying their rank within the lodge. Here are the "Master" of Gleno's "lodge" and the "Deacon". The man on the far left I believe was from the funeral home and helped out with the service.


They are wearing a formal version of the traditional apron worn by the Masons as a symbol hearkening back to the days when the "Practical Masons" wore them to protect their clothing as they worked.







The Masons had rows of seats reserved at one side of the room. They stood during parts of the Christian service and while participating in the Masonic Service which followed. The ceremony included readings from the bible and also much ceremonial recitation done from memory.


The gentleman in the front of this shot presented a pure white apron of lambskin to the congregation, gave a brief explanation of its significance and then laid it on the casket to be buried with Gleno.







There was a large line of mourners who filed by the family and Gleno's casket before the service began. After the procession of bikes arrived, there was a constant long line of riders in full gear who processed through the front of the room.







There were almost twice as many attendees as there was room inside the building. In this pic as in the previous one, you can see more folks lining the walls and filling the doorways as many tried to find a place to stand to hear the service. A lot of the riders had to stand outside and some did not stay for the entire service so it was hard to estimate a total number of attendees.







Again, these pics were taken from a video clip and as I panned around, I saw Andrew standing and watching Lisa's beautiful slideshow. It was hard to watch him watching the slideshow and softly shaking with grief. bncry.gif








The beautiful music Lisa chose for the slideshow added a powerful dimension to the emotion of the event. If I find a way to edit and host/post the video clips, I'll get them up as well.








When the Masonic ceremony was concluded, the Masons rose again and six of them surrounded Gleno's casket and each taking a handle, bore him away to the waiting hearse. This clip-still was taken just as the Masons came to carry Gleno out.


The younger man at the right of this shot was dressed in full riding leathers and riding boots, and wearing his Masonic apron over top of them. With his long black dreadlocks and full riding gear, he made a striking--yet somehow very fitting--contrast to the other older, more formally dressed Masons in the recessional. Again Gleno showed how he touched folks from all over the globe and from all parts of society.







They whisked him away mercifully swiftly as this was another of the hardest parts of the day for me.







The actual burial itself was a private Masonic ceremony at the graveside and the rest of us were not allowed to attend. It was very powerful to see these honorable men bearing testament to Gleno's fellowship and memory . . . and then bearing their fallen brother's body off to be laid in the ground in the tradition of their brotherhood handed down through the years.







Glenos older son, Jon, gave me a CD to play the first song from at the conclusion of the masonic service: "Say Hello To Heaven" by "Temple Of The Dog". It was a loud, grunge rock ballad--and yet another wild study in contrasts during the day--though the lyrics were still hard-hitting through the raucous music.









Please, mother mercy

Take me from this place

And the long winded curses

I keep hearing in my head

Words never listen

And teachers never learn

Now Im warm from the candle

But I feel too cold to burn

He came from an island

And he died from the street

He hurt so bad like a soul breaking

But he never said nothing to me

So say hello to heaven


New like a baby

Lost like a prayer

The sky was your playground

But the cold ground was your bed

Poor stargazer

Shes got no tears in her eyes

Smooth like whisper

She knows that love heals all wounds with time

Now it seems like too much love

Is never enough, you better seek out

Another road cause this one has

Ended abrupt, say hello to heaven


I never wanted

To write these words down for you

With the pages of phrases

Of things well never do

So I blow out the candle, and

I put you to bed

Since you cant say to me

Now how the dogs broke your bone

Theres just one thing left to be said


Say hello to heaven




(lyrics from: http://www.lyricsfreak.com/t/temple+of+the+dog/say+hello+to+heaven_20135625.html )





After the ceremony, the crowds began to break up and Gleno's mother, Audrey, approached me to thank me for helping out with the music.


I had brought my laptop and my Bose "wave radio" to play an mp3 of a Scottish Bagpipe band playing "Amazing Grace" sometime during the weekend if there was an appropriate occasion. When I talked to Terri Saturday night, she said it was one of Glen's favorites and asked me to play it after the Christian service and before the Masonic service.


Lisa had also made a fantastic tribute slideshow set to music and you can find it here:




I didn't bring the right patch cords to play it through the TV they had set-up, but I set up my PowerBook on the stand in front of the TV and piped the music through the Bose. I put it on loop for a bit before the ceremonies started and some folks stood and watched it and sobbed. I got a LOT of glowing compliments on the slideshow and everyone asked for copies. I told them I was just the A/V dude and pointed them all to Lisa. I would like to compile her original High-res version with the other videos, slideshows, pictures and music and make DVD's/CD's for the family and perhaps make them available to his internet family for sale as a fund raiser for the memorial trust fund.



Here, Gleno's mom tells Lisa, Russell and Leslie a tale from Gleno's childhood. In some ways it seemed like he hadn't changed much since he was eight years old! smile.gif







You can really see the resemblance between Gleno and his mom in this picture.


These last dozen shots or so were also stills taken from video clips. I was a complete wreck emotionally, but trying to focus on helping with the music, and trying to remember to snap a few pics for the rest of the family on the BMWSportTouring.com DB who could not attend helped me keep it together better.







More bonding after the ceremony. L-R: Michael "SageRider", "Steves1150", "Dennis Andress", Kent "Pilgrim", Leslie "Les_is_more".







Paul "GelStra" and "Mrs. GelStra". Paul is taking a picture of the photo collage next to the casket.







Bob "voyagers" and Leslie.






The previous picture was actually part of a "Bob sandwich" with Bob "Killer", but as he dosed off for a bit, I didn't think he'd notice being cropped out! wink.gif







Duelling Jamie's: Hot ("2bmwfan") and Cool ("KMG_365")! smile.gif






Lisa holding Jack (Twiss), Paul "GelStra" and "Mrs. GelStra".







We tried to gather those who were still around after the ceremony for a group pic. Counting SO's and those who had to leave immediately after the ceremony there was probably over 50 folks from BMWST.com representing. They rode and drove and flew in from states far and wide: Washington, Texas, Utah, California, Chicago, Arizona . . . why, there was even one from Nevada! smile.gif


As yet another testament to Gleno's reach and instant friend-making powers, there were over half a dozen folks from the Pacific Northwest Riders DB ( www.pnwriders.com ). Ramona, one of their riders had posted to the Sin City Sportbikes site early last year that she was going to be in the Vegas area in March and wanted to do some riding. Of course Gleno spread out the "Welcome" mat as he always does and they hit it off. She told him about her DB back home and Gleno joined up shortly thereafter. Glen flew up to visit the PNW crew for New Years' just six weeks ago--the first time any of the rest of them had met him in the flesh. Barely over a month later Gleno's dead, but the impact he had on their group in such a short time was eveident by the PNW DB's strong showing at the memorial. I only got to meet Ramona "crazylady" (who Gleno christened Marona, of course) briefly before the ceremony began. I noticed that their crew all wore black T-Shirts with their DB's URL on the front and some had strips of white tape down the arms with what looked like other DB members' "handles" on them to represent at the memorial. VERY cool idea for those who couldn't make it in person--I wish I'd thought of it myself . . . but I sincerely hope I never have to steal the idea myself someday. frown.gif


Mad props to the PNW Crew for steppin' up for Gleno in a big way! Gleno's other moto family of Beemer riders sends you their thanks! wave.gif







My amazing wife, Leslie "Les_is_more" aka "Mama Hoon": Proprietrix and Chief Keeper of the Peace at BMWSportTouring.com . . . which is also known on certain corners of the world wild web as "Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood". A title we wear proudly when most of the rest of the moto-web is looking more like "The Jerry Springer Show" every year.


Phil and HotJamie "1+2bmwfans" found this T-Shirt at Target! How cool is that? smile.gif







"Jim Shoop", "DavidEBSmith" aka "Eebie", and Leslie.







HotJamie "2bmwfan" and Phil "1bmwfan".







L-R: "Jim Shoop", CoolJamie "KMG_365", "steveknapp", "DavidEBSmith", Greg "ghaverkamp", Leslie "Les_is_more", "russell_bynum", Phil "1bmwfan", Mark "WURTY" (yes, his real name really is just "Mark" tongue.gif ), and "JerryMather".







A few of us stopped by Terri's place after dinner on Sunday night to say goodnight. I snapped this pic of the top of their fridge. This was Gleno's "second favorite" way to "spice things up a bit"! smile.gif


Yes, his life was short--too short!! . . . but he did take the scenic route every chance he got. frown.gif







We stayed until Monday morning and stopped by Gleno's graveside to say our final farewells. It was incredibly sad. We stayed for almost two hours and Leslie poured out some of the grief she had been storing up. Being a gifted Empath, she also deposited some of the grief she had absorbed from the mourners present at the weekend as well. We sat and cried together and cursed and mourned and reminisced and tried to move through to the other side where we could envision our new world without Gleno in it. It is an ongoing process and one which only time will ease the burden of.







It took me quite a while to collect myself enough to take these shots, but again I thought on all of his internet family who could not be there in the real world. I cried for all of you too as I recorded these images.


If you would like to visit his gravesite yourself someday, plug this waypoint into your GPS:


N 35* 58.099'

W 114* 49.295'


It is in the Boulder City Cemetary (not too far from the famous Hoover Dam) on the far opposite corner to the cemetary's entrance. (Note that it is not the larger Vetrans' Memorial Cemetary to the west).







After we had more than a good hour to say our private goodbye's, two other cars pulled up. It was Gleno's parents and Lance "INFERNL" (from Gleno's Sin City Sportbikes site who also recently joined up on BMWST.com as well). Russell and Lisa Bynum had followed them over too. We all had a very nice visit and it felt like a nice way to put closure on the weekend for us.







We will never forget our brother Gleno. He was very much like a true brother to both of us. He had a way of causing you to laugh your ass off and cry and curse him--all in practically the same breath. But what he specialized in most was living life to the fullest and sharing his zest for life--and especially motorcycling--with anyone and absolutely everyone he met. He was an ambassador for the sport as well as one of the most loving and generous souls it has ever been my priveledge to know.


The world will not see the likes of Gleno McIntosh ever again, and we as a species are all diminished because of this unfathomable loss.


"May the road rise to meet you,

May the wind be always at your back,

May the sun shine warm upon your face,

The rains fall soft upon your fields,

And until we meet again,

May God hold you

In the palm of his hand."


May the road truly rise to meet your wheels and may your tires stick like glue as you hoon down Heaven's twisty highways.







I would like to end this paean to my brother Gleno on a more positive note--'cause I just know that he would kick my ass if I didn't, and I know I'll meet him on the other side someday.


I will close with some of my favorite quotes from Richard Bach (from "Illusions: The Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah) . . . regarding friendship:


Your friends will know you better in the first minute you meet than your acquaintances will know you in a thousand years.


Don't be dismayed at goodbyes. A farewell is necessary before you can meet again. And meeting again, after moments or lifetime, is certain for those who are friends.


The bond that links your true family is not one of blood, but of respect and joy in each other's life. Rarely do members of one family grow up under the same roof.




Ride in Peace, my brother. I'll see you again beyond the far horizon someday . . . and we'll go for a long ride together. wave.gif

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Damn you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Here I go again! bncry.gifbncry.gifbncry.gifbncry.gifbncry.gifbncry.gif


Jamie, that is one of the most powerful posts I have ever read! Hell, it is one of the most powerful string of words I have had the pleasure of reading.


Jamie, my brother from another mother, I love you.


As Glen has showed us, life is too short to not revel in its glory and to share in each others presence, love, and offerings.


Glen, thank you for the pleasure of showing me life as it should (minus the wheelie thing!!! lmao.gif) be live. I can only hope to embrace it as you did and spread it like only you could.


Very fitting!!!


I know I have said this before, but our house will always have the light on, hot coffee in the pot, a bed, and warm shower. A meal shall be yours whenever you find yourself hungry.


I look forward to sharing the love with each and every one of you!!!!





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our house will always have the light on, hot coffee in the pot, a bed, and warm shower. A meal shall be yours whenever you find yourself hungry.


I look forward to sharing the love with each and every one of you!!!!





Ours is but a humble home but all of you are welcome if you visit our shores.



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awesome write up but for two mistakes...


As much as you would like to make up your own name, I haven't seen anyone else get to do that, so it is, and forever will be:


Nerdy Jamie


Also as I rode with Phil and Jamie, and waited for them to come by the house, you are going to have a hard time being convincing that it could be my fault they were late. (PHIL got off work late Friday morning)


Otherwise, a wonderful report, and thanks for making me cry again...The picture of Leslie killed me!

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Thanks Jamie. I could tell from the words that the writing was from your heart. Next time I'm in the area, I will be stopping by Boulder City to pay my respects in person.


Mike O

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Thanks for such a thoughtful tribute to Gleno. Although I could not attend, Gleno has occupied many of my thoughts ever since learning of the tragedy. I sincerely appreciate the time, effort, and anguish taken to compose such a memorable post. Thanks for representing me at the services.

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Thank you.

A man's wealth may be measured by his friendships.

You've shown, again, what a wealthy man Gleno was, and how much all of us are enriched through this medium.

May we all be so fortunate in our journey together.

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Joe Frickin' Friday
Sorry about the lousy light in this series of shots, but these were all stills taken from my cheap-o Cannon digital camera shooting video clips without a flash.




Jamie, thanks for posting that. There have been plenty of pics of the memorial ride and a few group shots, but this post has done the best job so far of placing, at the funeral, those of us who couldn't physically be present.


If you're looking to keep stillshots from those dark video clips, you can go into your favorite photo editor and mess with the gamma level. This brightens up the darkest areas of the picture without lightening the already-light areas. The shot quoted above becomes this:




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I don't think I have had a day go by since Gleno's passing that he hasn't entered my thoughts.


Thank you Jamie for putting this together for us. It helps a little knowing more about the service and seeing just small a portion of how many people Gleno touched during his life.


It was a very touching and heart felt post.





Thank you again.

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Thanks for the heartfelt post, and for the photos. You've given those of us who were unable to make it a better connection to the ceremonies and to the group that was there.


As Tallman wrote...

A man's wealth may be measured by his friendships.

You've shown, again, what a wealthy man Gleno was, and how much all of us are enriched through this medium.

May we all be so fortunate in our journey together.


I could not have put it better.

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...i aM fOREVER cHANGED...thank you Cool/Jamie for putting this full account together. It took time and a ton of love for you to relive it all again for us that could not be with you all in BC.


I for one want to personally thank you & Les for all you've done and all you do, continually. I am better for knowing you two. May God Bless you mightily...and that you will know the admiration and the love from this board. You two so carefully preserve it and it shows. Thank you...


Best :

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Sorry about the lousy light in this series of shots, but these were all stills taken from my cheap-o Cannon digital camera shooting video clips without a flash.




Jamie, thanks for posting that. There have been plenty of pics of the memorial ride and a few group shots, but this post has done the best job so far of placing, at the funeral, those of us who couldn't physically be present.


If you're looking to keep stillshots from those dark video clips, you can go into your favorite photo editor and mess with the gamma level. This brightens up the darkest areas of the picture without lightening the already-light areas. The shot quoted above becomes this:




I don't know about Arizona Al but I think this picture was better off with the gamma's "untouched". grin.gif

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Thanks Jamie, This has been a moving experience and you captured it's essence with a wonderful tribute to Gleno, a good friend to many.

A rare man indeed, and you didn't even need to know him to know that.

Well done. Nerdy, cool, whatever... 365 thumbsup.gif

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Thanks for posting that, Jamie.


It was a roller-coaster emotional weekend; by the photo evidence, it looked like I smiled and laughed the whole weekend, yet I cried as much as I laughed. So many emotions. It's like we had this great gathering, and so much laughter and fun - Gleno would have been right in the middle of it! And at that thought, we'd cry. Then get back to laughing, as he'd want it. Then something would touch us (like the group ride - one of the best things I have been a part of in my life), and we'd cry again. I was so exhausted after that weekend, I fell asleep every night for the next week around 9 - I can only imagine it is 10 zillion times as hard for Teri. frown.gif


Anyway, you did a great job retelling the weekend for those that could not be there. Thanks again!

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Thanks, Jamie. Well done. I know it cost you a lot.


I wish I could have been there, but your write-up is the next best thing.

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Thank you Jamie for placing me where I wanted to, but could not be... The pictures help the story you so eloquently told.

The words still do not come easy- probably never will...

Thank you and Leslie again for being there for us.....


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Jamie, I still haven't been able to get my head around the fact that he's gone. I still go to call him once or twice a day, or wonder for just a second why he hasn't called me. And then I remember. And that part of my life is empty.


I haven't written much because, like you, it's still a great struggle. I thank you for your efforts on all our behalf to capture what we all saw and experienced in Boulder City.

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Thanks Jamie and everyone else who shared memories of the memorial for Gleno. The love and affection for this guy says a lot about what kind of person he was, of course, but also I think something about the nature of this group I "belong" to. I had not really thought much about the "belonging" part before but now I am. Thanks


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it's obvious your heart/soul are grief stricken and you're grasping for relief. it will take it's time arriving, but it will. i've been thru this same situation 2x's last year. it takes time. you're lucky to have this board and all it's love as an outlet. gleno is proud. time does heal, but the memories and good times never fade (cliche but oh so true).

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During the memorial service, Dennis Andress quietly said "Knowing Gleno has given me a new way of measuring success."

You show it beautifully in this post. So many people from all walks of life were touched by this man. Thank you for showing it.

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I thank you for your efforts on all our behalf to capture what we all saw and experienced in Boulder City.


Hey Jamie,


I'm going to second what Fernando said. Thanks for the direction to his resting place, too. I now have one extra stop (well two to say hey to Teri) on my way to Torrey.

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While Kim and I couldn't be there - we both want to thank you for posting and sharing your experience in Boulder City. Like many, we're still both pretty shocked and shaken over this - and not being able to make the trip out there made it even worse.


Reading the tales and seeing your pics helps - so thanks for that.


We miss you and Leslie and the rest of the gang so tremendously - especially during this time - I can't even put it into words. My hope is we can hook up next time we're out there. We're also planning on Spring Torrey - making the ride from Minneapolis. Been too long.


Best to you and Leslie and thanks again for posting this---

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Thank you for putting this all together. Its important to remember the weekend's events, and I'm sure that for those who could not be there - it has definite healing properties. I too think of Glen every day. He's constantly on my mind, especially Terri, and the kids (and grandkids). Thank you kind sir for putting it all together so beautifully. Leslie, thank you for the healing hugs at Glen's grave site. It was wonderful meeting you both. Perhaps soon, we can meet again under very different circumstances.



(BMWSportTouring site member since 2003 thumbsup.gif )

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Thanks for the story and photos. I have to tell you that the picture of Gleno's gravesite hit me with such an impact of the fact that he is really gone now. I never met Gleno, but read many of his posts and many of the stories he was a part of and for the first time, your photo has brought his tragic end home to me. I feel so bad for all of you, his good friends and feel bad I didn't get to know him as you all did.

Rest in peace Gleno.

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Jesus, Jamie, I don't know how you could have done that, especially so soon after. I know what it must have cost you, what it still costs you, what it will cost you.


Thank you.



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