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Snow is gone...Finally

Mike O

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got to ride yesterday (sorry...no pics, I just wanted to ride!) Been 10+ weeks by my account and folks that deal with me on a daily basis KNOW that as the weather here wore on and on and on, the more cranky I became.


I spent much of Saturday rebuilding/lubricating the starter on the RT (much simpler than I imagined - hope it lasts another 30K). And after a glance out the garage, decided to warm up the bike by riding it around the block a few times (you know...to make sure the tupperware doesn't fall off). After 15 mins, I resigned myself to an extended ride on Sunday.


For Christmas, Bernie got me a new Scorpion EXO400 helmet and a set of Etymotic Research ER6i Isolator Earphones. Those, a fixed bike and clear roads were the perfect excuse to ride. To the garage and quick checks of tire air pressure, oil, and lights. I plugged in the earphones, and donned the new helmet. Key in the ignition, fast idler on, thumbed the started and...No after squeal...yea, it's fixed. After a quick warm up, I ease out the driveway stopping by the curb. I flip through the music selection and land on "Bad Moto Scooter" - Montrose; and head off to meet a buddy (he's itchin' to ride his KGT as well).


The ER6i's sound great (thanks to all the recommendations from this board). They're comfortable (albeit I due have concerns about the thin leads) and the better audio quality (over my autocom headsets) now accentuates the lower quality music encoding I used. The Scorpian helmet is nice; first full face I've used in a number of years, so it took some time getting the procedure down (I have two Shoei's where I can just leave my sun glasses on - guess what I did on the first attempt!). The cheek pads are bit snug, but I'll give them some time to break in before I try any other adjustments. And true to their claim, NO FOG.


Mikey and I meet in Morrison and after he fills his KGT with gas (mine's still loaded with that 10 week old gas from late November - of 2006!) we decide we're going to gamble and try a mountain ride hoping to avoid any sand. "How about brunch at the Brown Burro in Fairplay?" I suggest, and with a quick nod, we're both headed towards the canyon.


Gawd, it felt great riding again. With The shifts, the lean in, the brisk acceleration out of the curves. There is just something about riding that drains the stress of winter right out of your system. As we rode through Conifer, I realized exactly what I had missed these last few weeks, as was said: being IN the movie versus watching it.


From a winter riding perspective (yes, it's still winter here) the road and ride conditions were uneventful and it was only a matter of miles before we got into a groove and enjoyed the white backgrounds that reminded us of the previous weeks of non-riding frustrations. But now on the bike, and the snow no longer hindering our two-wheeled madness, we appreciated what the snow meant for skiing, and more importantly the water it brings to the local communities (my cabin!) and for agriculture.


Descending Kenosha Pass, I was quickly reminded that I had AGAIN (dammit) plugged the lead of the Gerbings into the WRONG plug under the jacket... NO HEAT. My thermostat indicated 31 deg (and dropping), and the heat was absent. We pulled over in Jefferson and after a quick move of the connector to the correct plug, ahh....heat. Over Red Hill pass and into Fairplay I expected to see far more bikes on the road. Maybe the cold weather scared them away. Except for a loan sport rider or Harley, we rarely saw anyone else on the road.


Brunch at the Brown Burro was greasy and delicious. Mikey had passed this place many times and commented that he'd never bothered stopping before. He said he'd be back after scouring down his final bite of hash browns. A warm 3rd cup of coffee (and trip to the 'room') and we saddled up for the ride back.


By now (3p) traffic had picked up a bit as cages were headed back to Denver so we engaged in a bit of brisk passing (if you know what I mean). Never more than 3 or 4 cars at a time;). With the sun now leaning towards the west, the canyon shadows could play tricks with the melting snow and you had to be careful of what was wet, versus what could be black ice. We throttled back and went with the flow of traffic as we motored into Morrison.


I glanced over to Mikey and even through that smoked shield, I could see a smile on his face and he returned a wave and a thumbs up. 200 miles later, the sun on our faces, bellys full and a brisk uneventful, picture-less ride through the mountains.


It was then that I realized,


the pain in my cheeks wasn't from that new Scorpion helmet; when I stopped grinning from ear-to-ear, the pain subsided.




Mike O

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I enjoyed the ride..Thanks for taking me along.


One minute I don't want to live in the mountains(your tales of winter hibernation) the next I'm thinkin about moving again.



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Excellent ride tale. thumbsup.gif


I'm kicking myself for not riding this weekend, as I woke up this mornig to 6 inches of new snow. And to rub salt into the wound, it was a very warm weekend of 55 degrees on Saturday and 60 on Sunday. dopeslap.gifdopeslap.gif


Hopefully it will warm up again soon so I too can get out and go for a ride.

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I've eaten at the Brown Burrow.....don't be surprised if you have to visit "the room" a few more times! tongue.gif

Eaten there several times and never had a problem (knock on wood). Remember, it's Fairplay and not exactly the culinary capital of Colorado for Pete's sake.


Mike O

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