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GPS Mount


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I have just finished creating a GPS mount out of a piece of aluminium rod and it looks like it will work a treat. I took a piece of 16mm rod and machined the end to fit through the mirror mount on a 1200RT. It is bolted on with a nylock nut with the top end machined flat to hold a RAM 1" ball mount (taken from an exisiting U Bolt mount I had.


I have also mounted my Autocom PTT switch on the bar. It had trouble holding in place so i just wrapped a couple of turns of insulation tape to give it some grip.


I'll give it a good test run later this week and report back on how successful it is.




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Thats cheating - how about posting a pic of that mount with the Garmin mount and PTT fitted. Can't seem to find a spot on that one to mount the PTT and if so - I would love to see you operate the PTT whilst riding. lmao.gif


I looked at machining a mount like the one shown as it does look good, however it would not work with my bike configuration. I needed a mount that would allow fitting of the PTT as well as allowing for the tank bag to flip up, giving access to the fuel cap.



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Hmmm, not sure what your connection between the Garmin GPS and the PTT switch is...why do they need to be next to each other? Or am I missng something, (no comment crazy.gif). My PTT switch for the Autocom is on the left handlebar, just under my left thumb. Easy to reach while riding...

And if I have the tank bag installed I usually just lift it onto the seat since it is easier than trying to flip it up? Are you using a the BMW tankbag on your R12RT?



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There is no real connection between the two - just that I needed to mount the GPS and to mount the PTT switch. I used to mount the PTT on the left grip ( the way suggested by Autocom) - easy to reach but found it a pain in the a#$% as it got in the way of the Left Indicator.


I am using a Touratech tank bag which has two clips at the screen end and velcro at the riders end. Again it would be a pain to remove it every time I filled up, when it is designed to flip up.


My criteria for the design was:

- be in my line of vision (would love it more central but as it is I don't have to divert my eyes much at all).

- allow usage of my existing RAM mount ( and/or allow later usage of the threaded RAM ball)

- Be easily removable (one nylock nut)

- Allow for a PTT to be fitted with easy access for the left thumb

- allow a padlock to be used to secure a helmet to the bike.


It certainly does all of the above and given the amount of posts on this board in regard to this particular topic, this just adds to the mix.


Being stuck down under, we don't have reasonable access to the suppliers as those in the north do. My mount cost me less than $10 (aussie) to make, plus the RAM mount fittings.

It does help having access to a machine shop. thumbsup.gif



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This is my version. Uses 1/2" aluminium bar bent in a vise and a threaded at one end to replace the 8M bolt at the handlebar/grip junction. Two pices from a 10mm thick kitchen chopping board clamp the RAM cradle to the bar (a RAM PACQ power/audio unit can piggyback to the clamp)


It has proved rock steady with no vibration and I'm sure it would hold a Zumo


I have it positioned about 18" in front of me and just above the instruments


Cost about $12/£6 and two hours of fun


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Kritou -


How do you like the Quest on the bike? We have two for our vehicles and really like that they can be removed and used with the internal batts for hiking / hunting. The only down side for vehicle use is that it takes a bit longer to input addresses. Any hints for bike use / mounting? TIA dopeslap.gif

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Kind of in your face isn't it? It looks sturdy enough to hold an elephant.


It means the unit can be rotated fore and aft to any position - almost as far as the instrument panel if you want. Could probably do it in 3/8" bar to make it less conspicuous and easier to bend

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The only down side for vehicle use is that it takes a bit longer to input addresses. Any hints for bike use / mounting? TIA dopeslap.gif


Yes, finding addresses is a little long winded but I tend to do most of my route planning on thr PC


I used to power the Quest from the bike but now prefer the simplicity of charging it overnight


I like it's form factor that allows me to slip it into a pocket on fuel stops etc


I'm off touring in Morocco next month and have installed the excellent topo map from web page


Garmin support is excellent so all in all I reckon Quest+R1200RT=marriage made in Heaven

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Did you think of bending the bar the other way and having the GPS above the reservoir. I originally looked at this, but found the the RAM mount positioned the unit exactly where i wanted it.


I can only agree that the marriage of the quest to the R1200RT is excellent. I also do all my planning on the PC and upload the locations and routes to the Quest. I do like the unit being waterproof and can still function when off the bike. It is also easy to change from bike to car and back with no problems.


I do have a little engine noise coming through the Autocom - and am trying to find ways to reduce/eliminate this. Any suggestions greatly appreciated.



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